Good music to workout to!


Jan 27 2008, 20h54

Recently I went through my library to look for songs that really pumped me up and would provide a good rhythm for when I run/workout. It took me a while, some I had always listened to while I work out and others I had forgotten about or did not even know I had in my library. I put some time and consideration into this list and I believe every song deserves to be on the list. Of course there are songs I have overlooked so if you disagree with this list comment cause I can use the motivation. Also, when I look for a good workout song it should have powerful vocals, good upbeat guitar and catchy riffs, and in my opinion the most important part is the drum beat. A good drumbeat so that your body automatically provides rhythm and follows the drum beat step for step and keeps the pace going. So if you like to run or workout and need that little extra motivation or rhythm, these songs might be for you. They work great for me, give it a shot and tell me what you think:
1. Broken Heart : Falling Up
2. Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly : HIM
3. New Drug : Thousand Foot Krutch
4. Run : Day Of Fire
5. Carry On : Burn Season
6. Alone : Down From Up
7. Everything : Pillar
8. Whispers In The Dark : Skillet
9. Save Yourself : Stabbing Westward
10. Ten Ton Brick : Hurt
11. Headstrong : Trapt
12. Broken Again : Another Animal
13. Frontline : Pillar
14. Coming Undone : Korn (My Powersong)
15. Sinner : Stereoside
16. Fireproof : Pillar
17. Rapture : Hurt
18. Life Again : Decyfer Down
19. This Life : Hourcast
20. Bring Me Down : Pillar
21. Over and Under : Egypt Central (My Runner-up Fav)Broken HeartRip Out the Wings of a ButterflyNew DrugRunCarry OnAloneEverythingWhispers In The DarSave YourselfTen Ton BrickHeadstrongBroken AgainFrontlineComing UndoneSinnerFireproofRaptureLife AgainThis LifeBring Me DownOver and Under


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