"... you know i'm a radical..."


Fev 24 2007, 23h36

ah, good ole' sing-a-long punk rock...

...and out come the wolves is just a fun record... raspy vocals, good guitar licks, and some badass bass lines from mister matt freeman...

classic cover art, too...


  • Lexicon666

    Wasn't that the one in the shampoo commercial..?

    Fev 28 2007, 20h43
  • Phoenixfirexx

    No... that was a transplants song. Diamonds and guns it was called. But i agree, ...and out comes the wolves is Rancid's best album.

    Mar 12 2007, 10h54
  • Lexicon666

    Google It.

    Mar 22 2007, 12h22
  • Phoenixfirexx

    Yup... it was defiantly transplants.

    Mar 25 2007, 16h36
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