New electro/ebm cd's part II! (Short reviews and mindless babble for all)


Jan 28 2008, 15h46

Well, just like last time I've bought a bunch of new cd's in one go and thought I'd write some short notes on them.
What I said then still goes, I've "sampled" most of these discs via "illegal" means, liked them and now I've bought them. So sue me :)

Oh, as you may or may not notice, not all of these discs are recent releases but I figure it's not that important.

Various Artists - Nacht der Maschinen (ltd 1000 copies)
(2007 Infacted Recordings)
7/10 Cool sampler with a lot of thumping aggro-tech and dark electro songs. Several rare and exclusive versions by, for example, Grendel, The Azoic and Heimataerde.

Recommended tracks:
Conflict (Combichrist Mix)
Hit Me Hard

E-Craft - Unsocial Themes
(2007 Ausfahrt)
6/10 I liked their earlier album Dos_Unit and I guess this one's just about as good, at least it should be since it sounds more or less the same but with better production.

Recommended tracks:
Invasion Destructive

Tactical Sekt - Syncope
(2006 Noitekk)
9/10 Not much to say here, you should know by now that this was the best album of 2006, in the genre.
I wish Anthony would resurrect Aslan Faction though.

Recommended tracks:
Not Entertained

Combichrist - What The F''k Is Wrong With You People? (2cd ltd)
(2007 Out Of Line)
8/10 There's no denying that LaPlegua knows how to churn out the dance floor fillers. Which is mainly why I felt I needed this disc, for DJ'ing.
I definitely recommend getting the limited version with the additional 10 track CD.

Recommended tracks:
Shut Up and Swallow
Give Head If You Got It

Rabia Sorda - Métodos del Caos
(2006 Out Of Line)
7/10 Being an old fan of classic dark electro groups such as YelworC, the debut album of this side project of Hocico had me at the first track. Sinister and dark, just how I like it.
Not sure why they didn't put the excellent b-side, a perfect world, from the MCD Save Me From My Curse on here though.

Recommended tracks:
save me from my curse
Walking on nails

The Horrorist - Attack Decay
(2007 Masterhit/Out Of Line)
7/10 Just like many others I discovered Oliver Chessler's music through his eight year old mega-hit One Night in N.Y.C. and I've been following his career since then by, for example, reading his excellent blog Wire to the ear.
It's cool to see how he moves closer and closer towards EBM and I'm constantly impressed by his productions skills and crazy lyrics.

Recommended tracks:
Body To Body
Close to You

Die Sektor - To Be Fed Upon
(2006 Noitekk)
8/10 Well, if Syncope was the best album of 2006 I'd have to say this one came in at a close second so that puts two North American bands at the top of 2006. They're beating us Europeans at our own game, guys!
When I first heard this one more than a year ago I loved their newish approach to the music style and the fresh sounds and drum programming they introduced. I guess this still applies - when's the next disc coming out???

Recommended tracks:
When Porcelain Bleeds
Prey The Razor

Noisuf-X - The Beauty Of Destruction
(2007 Pronoize)
7/10 Jan has certainly found a good formula, this mix of technoid powernoise and hard aggro-tech works great!
It's hard not to notice that he's had a past in the techno scene.

Recommended tracks:
Nervouz Beatz (For Maniac Freakz)

Wynardtage - Praise The Fallen (2cd ltd Silver Edition)
(2007 Rupal Records)
9/10 This rising star is certainly worth watching out for!
His previous works didn't really do it for me but this one's pretty damn good. Nothing new but it's got a great atmosphere and a good sound.
Seems like Rupal Records has got a bright future with all the good bands they've been signing.

Recommended tracks:
Feel My Silent
Praise The Fallen (Dawn Of Ashes Remix)
Falling Down

Cesium:137 - Intelligent Design
(2006 Metropolis Records)
6/10 I've liked their previous albums and the one that came out after this but something's missing here.
Decent disc but no tracks really stand out and it all feels a bit bland to me.
Maybe the design was too intelligent and they didn't use enough heart? ;)

Recommended tracks:

The Retrosic - Nightcrawler (Collector's Edition, ltd 2.000 copies)
(2006 Tribune)
8/10 I love almost everything about The Retrosic; production, lyrics, cover art, vocals and the whole endzeit character of their music.
Great disc.

Recommended tracks:
The Lucky Ones

Phew, that's it. Expect a third incarnation of this journal series in a short while as I'm expecting a new bunch of discs within the next few weeks.

Oh, and please comment!