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  • grahamkeatley

    Hey! Apologies if you see this as spam, but one of the greatest features in is finding new music from your tastes and influences (Weezer ;) ). Thats where I have found you from, in the hope that a band I promote is of interest to you? I know the thrill of discovering a band, so maybe...? < If its to your liking, let us know and find us on MySpace would love feedback! Thanking you! Graham - One Ear

    julho 2009
  • dramatically

    hahaha. why do you wish you were canadian? nice music taste, btw

    abril 2009
  • davidaarong

    Hello,Based on the music you listen too, you might like our band The Long Division. If so, send me a friend request or a shout or Both! Neighbors & Orbital Twirl & You'll Never Do Better

    junho 2008
  • martiedawn

    You have the best explanation of yourself I have EVER seen. I must of laughed like 5 times in between nodding.

    junho 2007
  • maryfix

    We are highly compatible!

    março 2007
  • comivan

    hey grats on being one of the top listeners for Dan, you cant be too crazy

    dezembro 2006
  • bluelilly01

    Hey, thanks for introducing this to me. It is pretty awesome--extremely addictive!!

    setembro 2006
  • elemenohpe

    hi coley

    maio 2006
  • foreword

    Hello! You don't know me, but you're one of my neighbors, and I love your name AND you seem like a wonderful, interesting person. Would you like to be friends?

    abril 2006
  • atrocities

    hi Coley.

    abril 2006
  • RyanBuddyKills

    hmmm, maybe, do you have a myspace? what's your real name?

    abril 2006
  • pongsifu

    o.O *poke* you live not too far from me

    fevereiro 2006