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Mai 9 2012, 17h47

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Everything Everything

Everything Everything are based in Manchester, hailing originally from the Newcastle/Northumberland area, as well as Kent. According to the
My Kz Ur BF Songfacts, the band was formed by frontman Jonathan (all surnames of the band members are fortuitously, “Everything”) in 2007 with friends from school and university.

Influences include: Michael Jackson, The Beatles, The Smiths, Ezra Pound, Steve Reich and Destiny’s Child.


We Are Augustines

We Are Augustines is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based musicians Billy McCarthy and Eric Sanderson.

'Rise Ye Sunken Ships' the debut album from We Are Augustines available worldwide now, here
Chapel Song Book Of James Juarez Augustine


Dry the River

Basically, just insert Bear Grylls Biography here.

Since forming in spring 2009, Dry the River have toured extensively in the UK and Europe promoting their “careful mix of emotive, lilting folk and upbeat, impassioned rock’… NME.

Based in a shared two-bedroom house in Stratford, east London, the five came together via circuitous geographical and musical routes. Musically the back-history is no less varied, with the band citing an esoteric list of influences - Leonard Cohen, At the Drive-In, Neil Young, Arlo Guthrie, Neutral Milk Hotel , Bruce Springsteen and Devendra Banhart.

No Rest New Ceremony Weights & Measures Animal Skins



Japandroids is a Canadian rock duo from Vancouver, British Columbia. The group consists of Brian King (guitar, vocals) and David Prowse (drums, vocals). Formed in 2006, Japandroids rose to prominence in 2009 following the release of their debut album Post-Nothing. The group toured extensively throughout 2009-2010, earning praise for their extremely energetic live performances.
Fire's Highway The House That Heaven Built The Nights of Wine and Roses



Bonobo;Simon Green was born and grew up in rural Hampshire, escaping to Brighton aged eighteen. There he fell into the jazz/hip hop/funk/soul scene centred around Rob Luis and nights like phonic:hoop. An accomplished musician as a teenager, he began producing his own tracks, pushing at the template established in the sweaty little venues studding the Lanes.

Green’s first release came on Luis’ label, Tru Thoughts, when his track “Terrapin” was included on the compilation “When Shapes Join Together” in 1999. His debut album, “Animal Magic” followed the next year, completely self-produced and largely self-played, too. Hailed as one of the “new downtempo pioneers,” Green found himself attracting the attention of other labels and eventually signed to Ninja Tune.


  • randombob18

    Hey man - thanks for the heads-up on Royal Headache, I'll let you know what I think.

    Mai 28 2012, 10h34
  • daan_deluxe

    Great taste, great discoveries! I strongly recomment The Lumineers. You will like it for sure!

    Jun 7 2012, 23h30
  • Xalopalyps

    Dry The Riverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! You have great taste :) Many good artists in your monthly discoveries

    Jun 18 2012, 8h03
  • TheBGoodes

    Dry the River - Awesome stuff! We played the same stage as 'em at Latitude last year and have been listening to their stuff since :) Great list as always dude.

    Jul 8 2012, 13h46
  • randombob18

    Thanks for the comments guys - the June journal is now out and July is underway. Dan you were spot on with The Lumineeers, I've included them in June! Loved them. You guys are right about Dry the River!

    Jul 12 2012, 19h07
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