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  • randombob18

    I know we're only 9 days into April and these recommendations are still a working progress I can tell that I'm going to be listening to a lot of Porcelain Raft, such good music.

    Abr 9 2012, 10h38
  • randombob18

    Well as we're coming to the end of the month, I can tell you that my most recent discovery - [artist[Hal are amazing! Absolutely shit-hot.

    Abr 29 2012, 17h51
  • prinlm

    this is nice man will check some when i have time

    Mai 6 2012, 15h47
  • randombob18

    Excellent, I create a new one every month. So let me know what you think!

    Mai 20 2012, 9h10
  • Najlaa_23

    Porcelain Raf is awesome great stuff

    Mai 26 2012, 11h29
  • randombob18

    Glad you're a fan, it is great music!

    Mai 28 2012, 10h35
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