late, but my Valentine's Day playlist


Fev 15 2006, 14h37

Yes, I'm a sap. I love love songs. I hate most mall-pop-emo though (most of those do NOT count as love songs). These songs rock.

Tonight I Celebrate My Love for You An oldie but goodie. It's on that stupid M&M's commercial, but whatever.

1000 Julys Describes an orgasm as being as hot as "a thousand Julys." It is.

Then I Kissed Her I pregame for class listening to this song, dancing in my underwear in my room. It's very bouncy, very sweet and simple. The original (by The Crystals) kinda sucks.

You Gave Your Love To Me Softly This is my favorite Weezer song. Nothing beats this. 2 minutes of pure old-school Weezer. Why can't Rivers make music like this anymore? I prefer the remixed version on the El Scorcho single to the one on the Angus soundtrack.

I Was Born to Love You Everyone loves Bohemian Rhapsody, but this is my favorite Queen song.

Gravity of Love Yeah this is definitely a song people have sex to, but I wouldn't.

Firefly One of my favorite Saves the Day songs (they are the only 'emo' I can really stand). It's an impassioned, "if-a-boy-sang-this-to-me-i'd-have-sex-with-him-instantly" song. Ok, well not ANY boy. So if you are a guy who can play this song on guitar and meet my other standards, I want you in my bed. Has the cliche "love=fire that consumes us" metaphor but I love it.

Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young This is off the soundtrack to "Streets of Fire," an 80's rock and roll opera(?) that has Willem Dafoe in it. I must see it. This song is produced by Jim Steinman, who does all of Meatloaf's songs. I love Steinman's songs; they all have that epic Wagnerian pop-rock feel. This song is 7 minutes long, 7 minutes of pure cheesy 80s pop heaven.

Crazy=Cute OMGZ this song is so FUCKING ADORABLE. It's probably the female vocals but SHIT! I have to DANCE when I hear this song.

Falling for You I'm shakin' at your touch/I like you way too much/ my baby I'm afraid I'm falling for you! Jesus. Weezer, you fucking rock. How did Pinkerton manage to describe so much of my love life?

The Reasons The Weakerthans have very few songs that are explicitly about love, but this is one of them.

And the time is never now,
And we know who we should love,
But we're never certain how.

I know,
You might roll your eyes at this,
But I'm so,
Glad that you exist.

Hanging by a Moment ROFL. Ninth grade, anyone? I actually saw Lifehouse in concert at the HFSMas Nutcracker in 2000. Are they considered one-hit wonders? Whatever, this song probably got a lot of guys laid. I hate his voice (sounds like Scott Stapp, ugh), except for this song.

First Kiss Wow, I haven't heard anything from NFG in a while, but maybe it's because I don't keep up with bands I don't really like. This is the only NFG song I listen to, and it's because I have a funny memory associated with it; in 9th grade I played it in my room when a guy I liked came over, and was trying to give him a hint that I wanted him to kiss me. Guess what? He didn't, and later I found out he was gay.

Anywhere With You When you like someone so much, you can't stand to be near them. For me, I can't eat around them.

I Melt with You I have a penchant for crappy 80s one-hit wonder love songs. This is one of them. I've always imagined dancing in the rain to this song.

Kiss from a Rose Put on repeat, and have sex, now.

Going Away to College Even mentions the word "Valentine" in the song. Awkward, clumsy, confused? Describes most of us when it comes to matters of the heart.

I would do anything for love Only wimps listen to the radio edit. I listen to the epic 12 minute version and sing along and dance to all of it. Classic. I never figured out what he wouldn't do; I guessed anal sex or dirty sanchez, but I don't know. When the song speeds up leading up to the chorus, I get psyched.

Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim remix) Okay, I know this isn't a love song. But the chorus could be misconstrued as a call to have sex, right? "we need body rockin', not perfection/let me get some action from the back section" Don't feel like you need to be a perfect lover! As long as you are getting some, it's all good, right? Maybe. This is an awesome song to make your boyfriend dance to, especially if he hates to dance :P

Can't Help Falling in Love I could fall asleep to this song; it's so soothing. I love the lyrics. This is a real love song.


  • goleafsgo

    Wow, such a nostalgic list. Going Away to college is probably the best Valentine's Day song around. Well, best from ages 15-21...

    Fev 16 2006, 16h01
  • rainbowflavored

    going away to college rocks. i love old songs and most of the new (mainstream) music out now sucks anyway.

    Fev 16 2006, 17h33
  • Anord

    I love The Weakerthans, and 'The Reasons' is an amazing song. It gets across how much the couple are in love with one another, without being sentimental at all.

    Mai 9 2006, 0h25
  • myREALITYasylum

    the reasons is my favorite love song ever. and the video might just be the greatest thing i have ever seen

    Jan 14 2007, 17h59
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