KALX Playlist 20120108 2100 ~ 2359


Jan 22 2012, 10h05

Colin Stetson: Lord I Just Can't Keep from Crying Sometimes
Deacon James Williams: God is Taking Care
Religious Knives: The Train
James Ferraro: Pixarnia and the Future of Norman Rockwell
Optiganally Yours: Stop Touching Me (Les Gibis remix)
Lijadu Sisters: Danger
El Rego: Do Do Baya
Gallagher & Lyle: Ivy Unrehearsed
Noir Desir: Le vent nous portrera
Looping Jaw Harp Band: Count on Me
Munma: Qana
Jon Balke's Batagraf: Pajaro
Geinoh Yamashirogumi: Kaneda
Drc Music: Lingala
Tycho: Coastal Brake
Jim Haynes: Eravaldus
Boua Xou Mua: Tsaaj Ntsaws - Dja Njer - Love Song
Theresa Wong: Las Camas de la Muerte
Bonnie "Prince" Billy: Night Noises
Brown Bird: Chairkickers
Alice Stuart: Bad Girl
Misora Hibari: Soba Song
Billy Murray: The Little Old Ford
Jerry Reed: Lord, Mr. Ford
Wings of Faith Juniors of Grand Rapids, Michigan: I Can't Thank Him Enough
Ramon Isidro Cabrero: El Chivo sin ley - the Lawless Goat
Mona Fong: La Golondrina
Boswell Sisters: Sleep, Come Take Me Now
Aeroplane Pageant: Float Above the Yard
Blue Gene Tyranny: Intuition
Nils Frahm: Said and Done
Tatsuya Nakatani: track 7
Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes: track 10
Max Richter: Arbenita (11 years)
Strafe FM: A Gobbled Up Fish
WOOM: Wichikapache Fights Current
Shang Shang Typhoon: Pom Pocco Song

... streamed and broadcast live by the Native Disinformant on 90.7 FM KALX Berkeley (http://kalx.berkeley.edu)


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