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Jan 4 2009, 13h27

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Interview with Agitated Radio Pilot:

New reviews:

AIT! - Romanticismo Oltranzista
Marc Almond with Michael Cashmore - Gabriel & The Lunatic Lover
Antenne - #3
Bardoseneticcube - Saturn Wind
Bardoseneticcube - Lord of Light
Bohren & der Club of Gore - Dolores
Cisfinitum - Tactio
Clouwbeck - A Moraine
Mathias Delplanque - Ma Chambre Quand Je N'Y Suis Pas [Montréal]
Echoes Therein Gale feat. Kenji Siratori - Virgin Clone
The Enchanted Wood
Hurra caine Landcrash - Unanswered Questions
Industrial Passage - Ocultismo - Bautismo
The Joy of Nature - aGkaanta, asRti, Parasamgate
Pantheon Legio Musica - Per Aspera ad Astra
Psychic Space Invasion - Transitions
Sangre Cavallum - Veleno de Teixo
The Triple Tree - Ghosts
Jozef van Wissem - A Priori


  • Vrtkrfth

    Thanks for the links!

    Jan 7 2009, 12h53
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