Fev 6 2007, 16h20

One of the artists I enjoy greatly is Donald Fagen, of Steely Dan fame.

I grew up listening to Steely Dan; my parents were very enamored of their musical style. Fagen was the foundation of the group's shifting membership and collaborations over the years, and I grew to appreciate his distinct sound in The Nightfly and Kamakiriad.

His most recent solo release, Morph The Cat, is also enjoyable, but I prefer the two prior albums because there are strong feelings of nostalgia and good times attached to them for me.

I notice nuances similar to his in the works of Zero 7, which is probably why I've taken to them with happy fervor. To me, they sound like the contemporary evolution of the style Steely Dan had in the 70s and 80s. They decidedly don't fall under the same jazzy mode that Steely Dan and Fagen do, but the mood they evoke in me is similar.


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