• Current Top 15

    Set 14 2006, 1h27

    First Heard: Jellybones
    Fell in love with: Sea Ghost
    Current favorite: Sea Ghost

    First Heard: Time of the Season
    Fell in Love with: Hung Up on a Dream
    Current Favorite: I'll Call You Mine

    First Heard: You Really Got Me Now
    Fell in Love With: Shangri-la
    Current Favorite: Apeman

    First Heard: Ghostwriter
    Fell in Love With: Smoke & Mirrors
    Current Favorite: 1976

    5.Grateful Dead
    First Heard: Box of Rain
    Fell in Love with: St. Stephen
    Current Favorite: My live version of Uncle John's Band

    First Heard: Kelly Watch the Stars
    Fell in Love with: J'ai dormi sous l'eau
    Current favorite: Venus

    First Heard: Marquee Moon
    Fell in Love with: Venus
    Current Favorite: See No Evil

    First Heard: Yellow Submarine
    Fell in Love with: I'm Only Sleeping
    Current favorite: Across the Universe

    9.Buffalo Springfield
    First Heard: For What It's Worth
    Fell in Love With: Expecting to Fly
    Current Favorite: Broekn Arrow

    10.Creedence Clearwater Revival
    First Heard: Fortunate Son
    Fell in Love with: Down On The Corner
    Current Favorite: Suzy Q

    11.David Bowie
    First Heard: Space Oddity
    Fell in Love With: Life on Mars?
    Current Favorite: Oh! You Pretty Things

    First Heard: Roundabout
    Fell in Love With: And You and I
    Current Favorite: Siberia

    13.Talking Heads
    First Heard: Psycho Killer
    Fell in Love With: Electricity(Drugs)
    Current Favorite: Crosseyed and Painless

    First Heard: Forever in My Life
    Fell in Love With: Starfish and Coffee
    Current Favorite: Starfish and Coffee

    15.Os Mutantes
    First Heard: Beijo Exaderado
    Fell in Love with: El Justiciero
    Current Favorite: Panis et Circences