• yo

    Out 2 2008, 20h44

    just thought i'd say hi
  • queer as folk

    Abr 8 2008, 16h40

    so, i was looking up "ways to to come out to your parents" on yes i like girls. I found a clip from Queer as Folk. It was freaking amazing. So i went out and bought the first season.
    I'm hooked. It's not as good a plot as the L word but its still amazing. So thats why i haven't had any songs up for like 3 days.
  • new comp

    Jun 1 2007, 1h14

    i'm mostly on my laptop now so there is no new music up on this. i can't find my cds so i can't upload them on here yet. i need to get all my music transferred to this comp. so i'll try my best to do that.

    i am now listening to bads like Say Anything, and some local bands.
  • Christmas music!!!

    Dez 24 2006, 15h51

    So i found 2 cds which are great for people that listen to the same music as me.

    A santa clause-a punk rock christmas
    A santa clause-a punk rock christmas 2

    enjoy finding those
  • Shes amazing

    Set 8 2006, 18h58

    Lauren is such an amazing songtress. Shes really nice to. I went to a show she was at and she played so wonderfully. I recommend her.
  • Greatest Band Ever

    Fev 21 2006, 22h18

    They have a great Political view and great music. I love that they stand up for what they believe in. Their music is amazing. I saw them live and its an exhilarating expierience. I can't wait to do it again.