Madonna Top 100: 2011


Dez 28 2011, 18h47

So I've had this list done for like two months now but I've never found to time to write it up in a journal entry. Well, 2011 is almost over and the thought of breaking my tradition of making a yearly Madonna top 100 list is gross, so... I'm doing it now. Also this was finished before Gimme All Your Luvin' was leaked. I've still only listened to that once.

As always I have a Bubbling Under chart because cutting it down to 100 exactly is too brutal a thought for me:
125. Gone (Music)
124. To Have and Not to Hold (Ray of Light)
123. Nobody's Perfect (Music)
122. Something to Remember (I'm Breathless)
121. Another Suitcase in Another Hall (Evita)

120. I Know It (Madonna)
119. Bye Bye Baby (Erotica)
118. X-Static Process (American Life)
117. Everybody (Madonna)
116. Heartbeat (Hard Candy)
115. Swim (Ray of Light)
114. Goodbye to Innocence (non-album)
113. Where Life Begins (Erotica)
112. Hollywood (American Life)
111. Intervention (American Life)

110. Dear Father (non-album)
109. She's Not Me (Hard Candy)
108. Why's It So Hard (Erotica)
107. Animal (non-album)
106. Easy Ride (American Life)
105. Time Stood Still (The Next Best Thing)
104. Over and Over (Like a Virgin)
103. Don't Cry for Me Argentina [Miami Mix] (Evita)
102. Amazing (Music)
101. Die Another Day (American Life)

My Top 100 for 2011:
100. True Blue (True Blue)
99. Stay (Like a Virgin)
98. Spanish Eyes (Like a Prayer)
97. Inside of Me (Bedtime Stories)
96. Waiting (Erotica)
95. Lela Pala Tute (non-album)
94. 4 Minutes (Hard Candy)
93. Promise to Try (Like a Prayer)
92. Words (Erotica)
91. You'll See (Something to Remember)

90. Dance 2night (Hard Candy)
89. Across the Sky (non-album)
88. Mother and Father (American Life)
87. Into the Groove (non-album)
86. Material Girl (Like a Virgin)
85. Paradise (Not for Me) (Music)
84. Drowned World/Substitute for Love (Ray of Light)
83. Sanctuary (Bedtime Stories)
82. I'm Going Bananas (I'm Breathless)
81. Till Death Do Us Part (Like a Prayer)

80. Voices [Orchestral Version] (Hard Candy)
79. The Power of Good-Bye (Ray of Light)
78. Supernatural (non-album)
77. The Look of Love (Who's That Girl)
76. Fever [Edit One] (Erotica)
75. Keep It Together/Family Affair (Like a Prayer)
74. I'd Be Surprisingly Good for You (Evita)
73. Take a Bow (Bedtime Stories)
72. Cherish (Like a Prayer)
71. Isaac (Confessions on a Dance Floor)

70. American Pie [JB mix] (The Next Best Thing)
69. Nobody Knows Me (American Life)
68. Broken (I'm Sorry) (non-album)
67. What It Feels Like for a Girl [Above and Beyond mix] (Music)
66. He's a Man (I'm Breathless)
65. Candy Perfume Girl (Ray of Light)
64. Waltz for Eva and Che (Evita)
63. Love Tried to Welcome Me (Bedtime Stories)
62. I Love New York (Confessions on a Dance Floor)
61. Nothing Fails [Nevins mix] (American Life)

60. Celebration (Celebration)
59. Music Inferno (Music)
58. Love Profusion [Headcleanr Rock Mix] (American Life)
57. Let It Will Be (Confessions on a Dance Floor)
56. Spotlight (You Can Dance)
55. Secret Garden (Erotica)
54. Papa Don't Preach (True Blue)
53. Now I'm Following You (Part I)/Now I'm Following You (Part II) (I'm Breathless)
52. Gambler (non-album)
51. Who's That Girl (Who's That Girl)

50. I'll Remember (Something to Remember)
49. Sky Fits Heaven (Ray of Light)
48. Skin (Ray of Light)
47. White Heat (True Blue)
46. Dear Jessie (Like a Prayer)
45. Sorry (Confessions on a Dance Floor)
44. Beat Goes On (Hard Candy)
43. Angel (Like a Virgin)
42. Dress You Up (Like a Virgin)
41. This Used to Be My Playground (Something to Remember)

40. Human Nature (Bedtime Stories)
39. Rain (Erotica)
38. Frozen (Ray of Light)
37. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (Hard Candy)
36. Justify My Love (Immaculate Collection)
35. You Must Love Me (Evita)
34. Hanky Panky (I'm Breathless)
33. Jump (Confessions on a Dance Floor)
32. Holiday (Madonna)
31. La Isla Bonita (True Blue)

30. American Life (American Life)
29. Physical Attraction (Madonna)
28. Forbidden Love (Confessions on a Dance Floor)
27. Give It 2 Me (Hard Candy)
26. Future Lovers/I Feel Love (Confessions on a Dance Floor)
25. Burning Up (Madonna)
24. Rescue Me (Immaculate Collection)
23. Erotica (Erotica)
22. Don't Tell Me (Music)
21. Hung Up (Confessions on a Dance Floor)

20. Borderline (Madonna)
19. Impressive Instant (Music)
18. Crazy for You (Something to Remember)
17. Like a Virgin (Like a Virgin)
16. Vogue (I'm Breathless)
15. Open Your Heart (True Blue)
14. Secret (Bedtime Stories)
13. Beautiful Stranger (non-album)
12. Express Yourself (Like a Prayer)
11. Deeper and Deeper (Erotica)

10. Lucky Star (Madonna)
9. Nothing Really Matters (Ray of Light)
8. Bad Girl (Erotica)
7. Live to Tell (True Blue)
6. Ray of Light (Ray of Light)
5. Bedtime Story (Bedtime Stories)
4. I Want You (Something to Remember)
3. Get Together (Confessions on a Dance Floor)
2. Like a Prayer (Like a Prayer)
1. Oh Father (Like a Prayer)


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