I still buy CDs [Sundial Aeon, Hol Baumann and CBLF]


Fev 10 2011, 18h38

Sundial Aeon - Apotheosis is now on my hands.
Hol Baumann - Human strikes me well everytime.
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden got a lot of space in every track.


  • Trancemorpher

    Very nice! Would love to buy CBL's album, but it's not available anymore :/ Wonder if Ultimae will re-release some albums from their catalogue (EarthShine, World of Sleepers, Hydroponic Garden, Ephemeris...).

    Fev 14 2011, 7h03
  • psy-eternity

    hello. Hydroponic Garden is one of my favor for sure. its standing alone in a whole genre. so i'm very glad that i was able to get this album just before ultimae decides to stop distributing that masterpiece. but i didn't hear anything about something like that concerning world of sleepers. did i miss some important info?

    Fev 14 2011, 19h39
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