30 up decibel operatic cacophony a band that stands out merely due to arbitrary intervals which is nice a guy making noises like a constipated rooster trying to pick up a ping pong ball a life support machine a sound that just goes eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee accoustic rape agnostic asylum influence ambient and then all the sudden boooooom atmosphorgasm avant fun avant-garde black metal behold my electronic harpsichord ben is deaf he is also dead with a box of cereal shoved in his mouth black metal with the telly left on blank mallevolence canon imitation with a synthed string chromaticism used to deconstruct a harmony contemporary classical dark ambient dissonant beauty drone ear fuzz experimental forest of snow gigue i know there is a name for that instrument you are blowing but i have forgotten it if you are happy and you know it give me back my fooking tic tacs impressionism impressionist insomniac dream interesting black metal intro sounds crap minimalism music i regret liking music rearrangements music that corrects music teachers must listen 2am christmas day next generation abstraction noise noise that is more than just bzzzzzzzzzzzah boom boom boom ok now we will play pass the parcel really quickly but no biting billy panning headphones noise conversation poetic forest of natural nurture pretentious crap progressive hardcore qes a level music pieces rearrangements you use for music a level say fucking so many times until you do not even realise you are fucking saying… singing cello singing with fourty seven dead bees in the mouth spoken word swirl of notes textural vocal porcupine that is prickly to touch but you just can not stop that machine is trying to rape me the art of hitting piano the sound of sleepless nights theatrical flamboyant genious that will not stop thick sludgeopotamus skin those crisps sounded tasty twelve tone using water in the background as needs of stating you are atmospheric voices i actually find attractive wacka danca packata who invited the mass murdering robot to lloyds party witch house you dropped the pan you know an intro is bad when it ends up being three minutes long you made me wet