• obiligatory first post post (musical history part 1)

    Mai 24 2006, 4h38

    although my profile still seems to be playing silly buggers, it's picking up bits, so let's chat.

    I have a regular blog over here so this isn't going to be as fresh and new, but i'm only going to babble here without regard for whether anyone understands or not.

    In essence, my musical history is this:

    1980s: Sky, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis (and I love how the 'Connected Music' widget brings up a photo from Decoy, the most influential jazz record I ever heard - thanks Dad!), Gong and a whole bucketload of the kind of things your post-hippie, left-liberal parents listen to when you're a kid in the 80's.
    early 1990's: I didn't have a radio of my own. Stuck in a netherworld of early morning Rage and the vaguely uncomfortable feelings aroused by Salt-N-Pepa videos i had no musical life until about 1993, when I got my first walkman. PWEI. What the fuck? Where did that come from? Primal Scream, The Shamen, The Prodigy. Bang up pop-indie-dance kid. I suppose it was a sign. I missed Acid House, even rave culture was passing me by. PBS (the Melbourne radio station) was a revelation. Since The Accident was a fucking revelation. Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Laibach, Front Line Assembly. Zen Paradox, Black Lung, Snog. Melbourne techno, Newcastle gabber, Euro EBM.

    More later.