• Nine Years

    Fev 26 2014, 6h51

    I'm a little over a week late on this, but out of 365 days in a year, I'll take a few days. I also haven't been listening to as much music lately with where I currently reside. So I probably went only 100 or 200 songs past February 14th. So here's where my overall play count is:

    1. The Cure - 6,659
    2. Interpol - 3,923
    3. Doves - 2,672
    4. Nick Drake - 2,609
    5. Sigur Rós - 2,105
    6. TV on the Radio - 2,058
    7. Franz Ferdinand - 1,667
    8. Blonde Redhead - 1,658
    9. The Mars Volta - 1,547
    10. Radiohead - 1,519

    It seems that there hasn't been much change over the past year, and since I don't listen to music quite as much in my current location, it's not a huge surprise. From what I notice Franz Ferdinand and Blonde Redhead flip-flopped. I also see that Coldplay has finally made it's drop off the Top 10 and has been replaced by Radiohead. I've been taking a break from Coldplay over the last year or so, so that's understandable. I wouldn't be surprised if they creep back in when I start listening to them a bit more.

    1. Cold - 248
    2. Hands Away - 221
    3. PDA - 218
    4. The Drowning Man - 201
    5. Sæglópur - 199
    6. NYC - 197
    7. Helicopter - 193
    8. Pink Love - 191
    9. Obstacle 1 - 188
    10. Banquet - 183

    It seems that Cold will probably remain #1 for another year or two. Over the last year it only gained 4 listens and many of the other nine have had many more than that. Probably because of all the new music I've added over the last couple years. When you add a lot of music, your previous music gets played much less. Songs 1 - 4 are still the same, just increased in play count. The BIG surprise is that Sæglópur jumped up to #5! It was probably at around 11 - 15 previously, but I haven't seen quite a big jump in songs since, well, ever. I've not yet had a big jump since I started doing a Top 10. I guess the only other comment is that because of the new #5, Glósóli has been bumped out of the Top 10. At least it's been replaced by a song by the same artist.
  • Eight Years

    Fev 17 2013, 19h18

    Finally updating for eight years on last.fm. Eight! Wow. I know my Top 10's aren't as different as I'd like it to be since I had two issues with my computer. Once with my laptop battery and then a month after that with my AC cord. Which was great fun. I waited a couple months on the last so that I'd be able to afford it. So, now onto the Top 10's.

    1. The Cure - 6,418
    2. Interpol - 3,794
    3. Nick Drake - 2,560
    4. Doves - 2,552
    5. Sigur Rós - 1,997
    6. TV on the Radio - 1,938
    7. Blonde Redhead - 1,605
    8. Franz Ferdinand - 1,602
    9. Coldplay - 1,464
    10. The Mars Volta - 1,336

    I've added a lot of new music over the last couple years, but I've had most of these artists in my library from the beginning or nearly that. So I can see how it would take awhile before some of them start creeping higher up my Overall list. I am happy to see that The Mars Volta have reappeared in my Top 10 again after not even being on the list since the first year (and that was a Top 5, so who knows how they were ranked 6 - 10 the following years.) Also I see that Blonde Redhead and Franz Ferdinand have flip-flopped. Hopefully now that I have my computer back, I can start to see more change in my Top 10. I think everyone else is starting to make some gains on The Cure and Interpol. So we'll have to see how next year looks!

    1. Cold - 244
    2. Hands Away - 211
    3. PDA - 210
    4. The Drowning Man - 197
    5. NYC - 196
    6. Helicopter - 191
    7. Pink Love - 188
    8. Obstacle 1 - 187
    9. Banquet - 179
    10. Glósóli - 176

    This list is basically identical to last year, the only difference is the play counts. I'm surprised that there wasn't any shifting around. Especially with so many tracks that were only one play apart. But I guess that's partly due to my computer issues. I think it may be another few years before Cold is unseated from the top spot. It's losing it's lead from the #2 and #3 songs, but I think it may be awhile before some of my new music gets into this list. Nearly 200 listens, or even 250, is a lot of times to listen to one song!
  • Seven Years!

    Fev 14 2012, 23h24

    It's amazing to think that I've been on this site for so long. And also that many of my top artists and songs haven't changed much in the last few years. Hopefully in another year or two I might start seeing more change, but hopefully just going to the Top 10 instead of Top 5 might continue to help that a little.

    Top Artists:
    1. The Cure - 6,175
    2. Interpol - 3,584
    3. Nick Drake - 2,501
    4. Doves - 2,327
    5. Sigur Rós - 1,753
    6. TV on the Radio - 1,737
    7. Franz Ferdinand - 1,485
    8. Blonde Redhead - 1,459
    9. Coldplay - 1,453
    10. Architecture in Helsinki - 1,018

    It seems like I really listened to those first six artists a lot in the first few years. They've not changed much. I can see that Coldplay has again fallen two places, but that's not very surprising. I got a bit burnt out on them about a year or so ago, so I'm taking a break from their music. I'm also still surprised that Architecture in Helsinki are still hanging on. I really haven't listened to them that much lately. Still, it'll be a nice surprise when I have some new artists finally break into my Top 10!

    Top Songs

    1. Cold - 241
    2. Hands Away - 206
    3. PDA - 204
    4. The Drowning Man - 194
    5. NYC - 193
    6. Helicopter - 187
    7. Pink Love - 185
    8. Obstacle 1 - 184
    9. Banquet - 172
    10. Glósóli - 166

    Ah, now I'm starting to see some change here. I like that a Sigur Rós song has finally broken into my Top 10. So nice to see a new artist after it's been so consistent over the last few years! I also see that Obstacle 1 has fallen three places and allowed a couple others to move up. With the change in the songs, it does make me very curious to see what this chart will look like in another year, maybe even two since I've been adding some new music lately.

    Sometimes a little change can be nice. :D
  • Missing Out?

    Jun 6 2011, 23h26

    I was looking through my iTunes library recently and realized that I had no new music past 2009. My lovely little smart-playlist for 2010 onwards was completely empty! But I guess that happens when you don't have the cash. It also just got me thinking, is there music out there that I would absolutely love but am just not aware of??

    Looking at my last.fm page, is there any artists or bands or albums that I'd probably enjoy but are just missing? If anyone has suggestions, I'd be totally welcome to them. I'm always interested in discovering new artists.
  • Six Years!

    Fev 15 2011, 21h46

    Sadly, I was in the process of moving a few weeks later (as well as having internet problems) so I didn't get to do the 'Five Year' Journal I was so looking forward to!

    But, with how little I've been on so little in the past year, since I can't yet afford internet yet, my charts are probably not very different to how they'd be a year ago! ...I think I'll also go ahead and do Top 10 like was the plan for last year as well. Reminder, these are always off of the Overall Lists. So I'll get back in the swing of things and do this year's entry.

    Top 10 Artists
    1. The Cure - 5,802
    2. Interpol - 3,352
    3. Nick Drake - 2,407
    4. Doves - 2,130
    5. Sigur Rós - 1,608
    6. TV on the Radio - 1,471
    7. Coldplay - 1,434
    8. Blonde Redhead - 1,235
    9. Franz Ferdinand - 1,218
    10. Architecture in Helsinki - 927

    Having only been online off and on in the past year, and only listening to music in the last six or so months, I can say I'm not that surprised at how little has changed in two years. I can say that I am happy to see that Coldplay has fallen two spots. I really don't remember listening to them that much, other than maybe leading up to taking my mom to see them in Oklahoma City. Felt like including the number of plays this time around. Not sure if I'll include it next time.

    Top 10 Songs
    1. Cold - 232
    2. Hands Away - 200
    3. PDA - 187
    4. The Drowning Man - 183
    5. Obstacle 1 - 182
    6. NYC - 178
    7. Helicopter - 177
    8. Pink Love - 166
    9. Banquet - 164
    10. Leif Erikson - 156

    Hmm...Now I'm thinking I like including the number of plays per song. Unlike with the artists, they are a lot more bunched together than I thought. Which explains why I saw a bit more change than expected in the past two years. I can totally understand the two songs by The Cure. I just love the low, deep, dark notes and feeling of those two songs. They will probably stay up there near the top longer than any other song. It will be interesting to see how long it'll take to get some more dramatic change. Next year will be fascinating to see! :)

    I think I need to do a few more journals. It's been too long since I've done so here on Last.fm
  • Four Years??

    Fev 14 2009, 17h39

    It is crazy to think I have been on this site for four years now. That I joined Valentines Day '05 and now it's '09. Crazy! So, going as my previous years...I'm posting my current Top 5 Artists and Songs.

    1. The Cure
    2. Interpol
    3. Nick Drake
    4. Doves
    5. Coldplay

    Compared to last year, all but #5 are the same, but compared to after the first year, only the first two are the same. Looking back now, I'm actually surprised Nick Drake hasn't been knocked out of the number three spot yet. I don't think I've listened to him as much this past year compared to the ones before it. I guess it was enough though. Onto songs...

    1. Cold
    2. Hands Away
    3. Obstacle 1
    4. PDA
    4. Helicopter

    I wonder if I should or should not be shocked on the very little change of the top 5 songs over the past four years. Me, I'm actually a bit shocked. I guess I just really listened to those songs a lot in the beginning, enough to keep them safe up there for awhile. Though I think eventually that might start to change.

    I am thinking next year though, when it's been five years *gasp* I might do Top 10s from then on out. I think that way there will be a little bit more change in these entries. Though I don't think the Top 2 artists will change for quite awhile, they've got thousands of songs more than everyone else.
  • Adele & TV On The Radio

    Fev 7 2009, 21h08

    This will be a relatively short journal. I'm looking forward to the Grammys this year mainly because I want Adele to win everything she's been nominated for:

    1. Best New Artist
    2. Record of the Year
    3. Song of the Year
    4. Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

    Though if she couldn't win all, I hope she at least gets #1 and #4. She deserves to win something though. I'll seriously be annoyed if she doesn't.

    I'm also looking forward to seeing TV on the Radio on Saturday Night Live tonight. For once I'll be watching more for the musical performances than the rest of the show. Though I hope soon TV on the Radio can get some better music videos. Though they seem to do no wrong musically, that is definitely not the case with their videos. I can't stand them. Well other than Staring At The Sun, Wolf Like Me, and Province. Those are the only videos of theirs that I do kind of like.
  • A Question for Fans of The Mars Volta...

    Out 29 2008, 1h24

    Basically I'm wondering about their last two albums and if you all think I would like them. Not a horribly tough question really...I think.

    I have The Mars Volta's first two albums, so I'm not new to them or anything, but I have been a bit out of the loop for a few years now though. I absolutely adore De-Loused in the Comatorium, but I'm somewhat split on Frances the Mute. About half the songs I love as well, but the other half...I'm not so sure about. Because of this I was kind of hesitant when Amputechture was released. Which was about when I myself started hearing less about them.

    Now though, after learning about The Bedlam in Goliath, I'm curious to if I would like these albums or not. Are they more like the first album, second, a mix of both, or completely different? Should I see about checking them out or just stick with my current two albums? My music tastes tend to be a bit a bit all over the place (though I don't think I listen to quite everything out there). So I wonder if I should give them a chance or not. This time time I don't have a friend here who can let me listen to these albums first (which is how I was introduced to them in the beginning), so I though I'd ask you guys.
  • Sigur Rós & Coldplay

    Jul 31 2008, 19h08

    I haven't bought any new music in awhile, but this summer I bought the new Sigur Ros album and my Mother let my copy the new Coldplay album to my computer. I know this isn't going to be as detailed and long as my last real journal entry, but I'm just trying to get myself in the habit of writing journals. I tend to have ideas for them while I'm out or away, but once I'm at the computer...nothing.

    Basically I like both albums. With Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust I really like the change from Takk..., and since those are the only two albums of theirs I've really had a chance to listen to, it makes me want to buy some of their earlier albums. Though that may have to wait a bit. I will say though that two or three of the songs on the new album make me want to go and run around in the sun in an open field. And I hate the sun, I hate summer. So I'm most impressed. At the moment my favorite song is Með suð í eyrum, though usually it changes after quite a few more listens.

    With Coldplay, other than the main two songs that were on the radio/tv I had no idea what to expect and I'd learned pretty quickly that was the case for each of their albums. It took me ages to get into their second album because of how different it was from their first. And that only really happened after I started to love Amsterdam. I don't know how much it'll change after a few years, but at the moment Parachutes is still my favorite album. On Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, the song Strawberry Swing is currently my favorite and that just makes me smile because I never would have expected it to be.

    I also find it somewhat funny the comparisons between the two, at least a little bit on the comments that were on some of the new Sigur Ros songs' pages. I don't see much in common between the two, in any way really. So I find it all terribly amusing. :)
  • I should've been in OKC tonight.

    Jul 11 2008, 4h49

    Today is the day that my mother and I should have been in Oklahoma City to see Coldplay, but obviously things changed. The whole point of going to OKC instead of Dallas (which is closer) was because my mom is a teacher and she has the summer off. The new date, in November is right around Thanksgiving and close to the end of the semester. She'll be quite a bit busier. At least it's a Sunday though. That'll help. Oh well.

    I did get to see Wall*E again tonight though, it's such a great movie.