Seven Years!


Fev 14 2012, 23h24

It's amazing to think that I've been on this site for so long. And also that many of my top artists and songs haven't changed much in the last few years. Hopefully in another year or two I might start seeing more change, but hopefully just going to the Top 10 instead of Top 5 might continue to help that a little.

Top Artists:
1. The Cure - 6,175
2. Interpol - 3,584
3. Nick Drake - 2,501
4. Doves - 2,327
5. Sigur Rós - 1,753
6. TV on the Radio - 1,737
7. Franz Ferdinand - 1,485
8. Blonde Redhead - 1,459
9. Coldplay - 1,453
10. Architecture in Helsinki - 1,018

It seems like I really listened to those first six artists a lot in the first few years. They've not changed much. I can see that Coldplay has again fallen two places, but that's not very surprising. I got a bit burnt out on them about a year or so ago, so I'm taking a break from their music. I'm also still surprised that Architecture in Helsinki are still hanging on. I really haven't listened to them that much lately. Still, it'll be a nice surprise when I have some new artists finally break into my Top 10!

Top Songs

1. Cold - 241
2. Hands Away - 206
3. PDA - 204
4. The Drowning Man - 194
5. NYC - 193
6. Helicopter - 187
7. Pink Love - 185
8. Obstacle 1 - 184
9. Banquet - 172
10. Glósóli - 166

Ah, now I'm starting to see some change here. I like that a Sigur Rós song has finally broken into my Top 10. So nice to see a new artist after it's been so consistent over the last few years! I also see that Obstacle 1 has fallen three places and allowed a couple others to move up. With the change in the songs, it does make me very curious to see what this chart will look like in another year, maybe even two since I've been adding some new music lately.

Sometimes a little change can be nice. :D


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