I am a busy person. Oh yes, goddamn it!


Dez 22 2006, 12h29

Been busy as hell last couple of months. Short list:

1. Turned my house into a sharehouse, got a few tenants taking rooms so I can get some extra cash going. Been busy adjusting that deal out for a bit... In the long run I'd like to buy another house... either move into it or do the same and keep my current one... Either way, property owning equals teh roxors except if tenants break shit. Then it just pisses you off.

2. My parents and immediate family all moved to Mitchell. The whole lot of them. Mum, Dad, 2 sisters and my nephew. You never heard of Mitchell? Meh, I'm not shocked. It's like 5-6 hours drive west of Brisbane. There isn't much out there. In actual fact, I'm there right now, moving my family into their new place, which, by the way, is fucking awesome. They bought it for around $170,000... But dude, I swear to christ, if this house wasn't out in the arse end of nowhere and was instead located somewhere like the Gold Coast or Bondi or Milton... 1.2 million dollars, easy as pie. House is just breathtaking, and to top it off... it'son a block of land thats half an acre... Big front yard, and a backyard that you can't yell across. They use walky-talkies. I shit you not.
I'm here for the next 4 weeks or so, for Christmas and to help them renovate... The house doesn't need renovating, it's in great shape... But they're building a massive deck and eventually a swimming pool. The place will be a flipping resort by the time they're done with it. Mum doesn't like the colour of some walls, so they're repainting too.

3. Helping my parents set up their shop that they have here in Mitchell too. They sell antiques, miniatures, collectables and doll house stuff. It's pretty cool, some of the stuff they get through here. But I renovated the shop for them (it needed it something chronic) and I'll be helping them set up the next few weeks too.

4. Got me a girlfriend! Oh yeah. Her name is Racheal, and she's a professional massage therapist, which is a pretty big plus in my book, seeing as I'm a dancer. She's pretty kinky too, just between me and you, and I'm pretty happy with that! She's coming out in a few weeks for a week out here with my folks. I'm a bit nervous, my mum generally doesn't like the girls I choose for myself (okay, she was right about my ex, that particular one was a bit of a psycho) but thats to be expected. Racheal is nice. So far... lol

5. The last 5 weeks I have been touring around central queensland performing with a small ballet school that I attended years ago. Basically just teaching, giving tips and helping out my old dance teacher, and guest performing in their concerts. The pay was good, and it was like my normal work but more relaxing. Small towns means small audiences (only a few hundered at the most) and none of them really know much about dance, so the pressure really is off.

So really, I've been busy. The last game I played was... um, well I think I remember watching one of the girls at the dance school play snake on my mobile phone about 2 weeks ago... does that count?

Placebo! Before I left I forgot all my Placebo music, so of course, I've had their tracks stuck in my head the whole damn time.
Song to Say Goodbye
Special K
Pure Morning

Matti Paalanen. No real reason, but he's playing Mind Matter on the radio thing at the moment and I relly like it.

Fever. Damn, the memory with Racheal while this was playing... I love this song now. Ooh, yeah baby. Michael Buble is the shiz. Feeling Good is great too.

Been getting some good choreography ideas from Get Your Way. Jamie Cullum I don't mind, and a student recommended some other songs by him that I should check out.

Until I'm next near an available computer...


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