• Takuma Kanaiwa - The Lemurian Sounds

    Ago 18 2005, 4h24

    One of my favorite sunday afternoon albums. It sets a reflective mood in the way the best jazz can. But while the jazz influence is clear it isn't merely a jazz album. Nor is it a jazz fusion, but an aural mix which covers many genres, to show the musical genius of Takuma Kanaiwa.
  • Femi Kuti - '97

    Ago 17 2005, 20h39

    Perhaps one of the most moving songs period. Puts the personal into music in a way which is just beautiful. Perfect balance of melody and emotion.
  • Ojos de Brujo

    Ago 15 2005, 14h59

    Probably the best hiphop fusion I've heard. This group really knows how to balance it so that the hiphop is an influence on the spanish rather than an annoying overabundance. Really beautiful stuff. Great live show as well.Ojos de Brujo
  • Jean Grae "You Don't Know"

    Ago 11 2005, 17h47

    Off the Hurricane Jeanius Mixtape, this joint brings back them days when hiphop and critics weren't necessarily seeing eye to eye. Features taking shots at hiphop writer Oliver Wang. Not that I have anything against Oliver, but I like it when artists aren't afraid to shout people out like that. Public Enemy did it, Del did it. Now Jean's done brought it back. Writers ain't safe.
  • Deep Thinkers "Stand Strong"

    Ago 11 2005, 4h31

    If you haven't heard it yet, find this track as quickly as possible. It's like...inspiration for hiphop purists (whatever that means).
  • The Most Underrated HipHop Album of '05

    Ago 10 2005, 13h40

    If you call yourself a fan of that NY hiphop with grit and grime, you need to own this album.
  • Musical Revolution

    Ago 10 2005, 13h34

    After how many years(?), Esthero comes back with avengance on this album. Forget about 50 Cent vs. The Game. The new beef is Esthero vs. Ashanti vs. Brittany Spears. R&B beef makes musical revolutions so much more exciting. No need to mention that the album itself has some of the most beautiful production matched with some of the most amazing songwriting in the genre this year.