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Dez 29 2010, 19h45

And it gets really tough when it’s December; Even tougher when you’ve had a tight-scheduled school work for the past 4 months in a new country. I’m flying back to my home for holidays. That must be fun. I’ve luckily had 3 free days to breathe a little and come down with my end-year lists. To be honest, I’m always on the verge of acting biased when it comes to making such lists. Fortunately I survive many of them, including this year. I had to eliminate some of my favorites in sacrifice of these precious songs and albums. 10 items for each is truly not enough space to scribble out all that beauty. But top-100 lists can be a drag most of the time, too. So here they are. My best music of 2010. The word “best” can also be misleading. “Favorite” is sorta better, but who cares? Here are my favorite albums:

01 Gonjasufi :: A Sufi and a Killer
02 Deerhunter :: Halcyon Digest
03 Tame Impala :: Innerspeaker
04 Forest Swords :: Dagger Paths LP / Rattling Cage EP
05 Pantha du Prince :: Black Noise
06 Janelle Monáe :: The ArchAndroid
07 Harlem:: Hippies
08 Vampire Weekend :: Contra
09 Junip :: Fields
10 Perfume Genius :: Learning

And here are my favorite songs. I don’t have to mention that I’d love to hear your bests as well down here. So enlighten me while we still can! I'd better go pack.

01 Four Tet - "Love Cry"
02 Caribou- "Odessa"
03 Arcade Fire - "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)"
04 LCD Soundsystem - "Pow Pow"
05 Beach House - "Lover of Mine"
06 The Love Language - "Brittany's Back"
07 Korallreven- "The Truest Faith"
08 Joanna Newsom - "Good Intentions Paving Company"
09 Kanye West ft. Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Bon Iver - "Monster"
10 Broken Bells - "The Mall & Misery"

Update: Here's an 8-tracks link to all ten favorite songs of mine.


  • Propoli

    Why no Beach House Teen Dream in your list?

    Dez 30 2010, 17h56
  • pppppedram

    Well, you can see a song from that album on my top 10 songs, dude. I admit Teen Dream was a quality firm work with a handful of good songs. Somehow I expected more ghostly romance as in 2008's Devotion. I only had 10 to choose. That makes it difficult. You know what I mean. I had to sacrifice some other precious items as well. The Suburbs and Postcards From a Young Man are also true favorites.

    Dez 30 2010, 21h20
  • A1omax

    i can't believe you liked my list, cause mine is so mainstream comparing to yours)) from your top 10 albums i have listened only to Perfume Genius, Vampire Weekend and Deerhunter. The first two i apparently didn't like, but Halcyon Digest supposed to be quite good, so i will give it another try next year) Junip and Tame Impala are also in my "to listen" list)

    Dez 31 2010, 11h29
  • pppppedram

    I don't call your list mainstream tbh. It's vividly crystal clear you have a great taste. And yeah you should definitely check Tame Impala out and hope you've heard Gonjasofi's album as a whole.

    Dez 31 2010, 11h46
  • A1omax

    well thank you) we actually do have a lot in common) http://lastfm.dontdrinkandroot.net/tools/user/comparison/pppppedram/A1omax and i also am going to pick from you some interesting artists =)

    Dez 31 2010, 12h12
  • pppppedram


    Dez 31 2010, 12h15
  • friday55

    Very interesting list! We share 5 out of 10 favourite albums so I am definitely going to check out the other 5. Of the other 5 I've only heard Perfume Genius and I like it a lot.

    Dez 31 2010, 13h10
  • pppppedram

    yeah Perfume Genius is inevitable tender.

    Dez 31 2010, 13h11
  • Babs_05

    Have to agree, 'favourite' is better than 'best'. Best involves a value judgement, favourite means you get to speak from the heart. Excellent list. I see some overlaps with mine, and I'm kicking myself for forgetting one or two. Gah. Believe it or not, you actually have some things I didn't hear this year, or if I did, I don't remember. :)

    Dez 31 2010, 13h50
  • pppppedram

    glad to see the shared favorites. thanks for the friendship.

    Dez 31 2010, 13h53
  • pppppedram

    flying lotus is awesome. but tbh i could relate much more to his previous LP i.e. Los Angeles. maybe that's why it does not appear on my list.

    Dez 31 2010, 20h20
  • pppppedram


    Jan 1 2011, 15h56
  • j_morrison

    I'm liking how high Janelle Monae is on your list. I can't really comment too much on this one because either there's albums here I didn't listen to, or just ones I'm not big on (Vampire Weekend).

    Jan 2 2011, 20h44
  • pppppedram

    tbh I was the guy who censured VW's first album when it came out. Everybody was loving it and I was the outcast who thought the melodies sounded to be stolen from elsewhere. But Contra grew on me (in a feel-good way) so there it is in my list.

    Jan 3 2011, 5h14
  • Bruno1898

    Hey ppppp ! Thanks for your comment on my list. http://www.lastfm.fr/user/Bruno1898/journal/2011/01/02/44vpq7_year_2010_%3A_my_top_ten Yours is pretty good ! Enjoy the music.

    Jan 3 2011, 20h10
  • pppppedram

    you, too! ;)

    Jan 3 2011, 20h51
  • DJ_Foxybits

    Janelle Monae was the most fascinating album of the year, it was vast on ideas. It wound up being a runner up on my list because I felt those ideas didn't always coalesce in a memorable way. But that's why top ten lists are fun to read, it's the variety, of course. ;)

    Jan 3 2011, 21h59
  • pppppedram

    of course, it remained a favorite on my ipod all throughout this year before my poor device bid farewell, i have a new one now. i'll keep listening to janelle in 2k11!

    Jan 3 2011, 22h03
  • estebanyeah

    great great list!

    Mar 11 2011, 19h00
  • pppppedram


    Mar 11 2011, 19h07
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