• To Mars And Back

    Jun 20 2008, 7h54

    Thu 19 Jun – The Mars Volta

    A band that step on stage and take you to another world for a few hours: The Mars Volta. From the word go, Cedric has always been a wild man on stage; doing everything from climbing the stage curtains, to running around the venue like a maniac, to crowd surfing. Last night was an exception.

    Whether it was "just a bad night" for the band, Sydney fans did not get the full Mars Volta experience last night.
    Whether it was the bands' lack of crowd interaction, poor setlist (It would have been nice to see them dish out a few live classics that make a TMV show phychadellic, like Take The Veil, Cicatriz, Drunkship or L'Via) It seemed as though last night they were concerntrating more on their "jazzy" side rather than their phsychadellic side.

    Don't get me wrong, the were BRILLIANT. Always have been, always will be. And as always I left the venue speechless.

    The crowd seemed unimpressed. A lot of people around me were heckling and yelling comments during jams for them to stop and to just "play the song properly" (I'm sorry, but I do not go to a TMV show to watch them play their songs exactly how they are on albums).

    On a good note, it was brilliant seeing the way Omar was conducting the whole show. I was trying to give most of my attention to him all night but Cedric's tiny hips and microphone pole-dancing moves were way too distracting (as I'm sure most females who attended would agree).

    Thomas Pridgen without a doubt stole the show. I can't believe how his style/energy has increased 100-fold since the Amputechure shows. Incredible. He is a goddamn machine. (Although, he perhaps created the high energy element!)

    All of their jams (which took up the majority of the entire show) were more high energy prog/jazzy/funky rather than trippy, obscure and dreamy. It didn't quite feel like the transcendental journey that I have always previously experienced with TMV live shows.

    Cedric seemed more polished/glam than genuinely emotional and intense. His voice is so incredible though regardless.
    Omar was of course awesome and technically brilliant, but also seemed to also be lacking that metaphysical, mystical element.

    And to quote a friend:
    All in all~ I had a brilliant time and I will still see them again over and over, I just had to express my honest opinion.
    Which, you have to understand.. is HIGHLY CRITICAL considering how much I am in love with them.