My favorite Cat Power songs


Fev 11 2008, 16h32

I have been listening to a lot of Cat Power lately. I love her early and mid period records. The second cover CD Jukebox and her crooner-album The Greatest leaves me cold.

I picked out my favorite tracks:

Myra Lee (1996)
- Not What You Want
- Rockets
- Ice Water (the best, simply amazing)
What Would the Community Think (1996)
- coat is always on
- Bathysphere (love this song)
- Nude as the News
Moon Pix (1998)
- Cross Bone Style
- Colors and the Kids
- Metal Heart
The Covers Record (2000)
- I Found a Reason (sooo beautiful)
- Naked, If I Want To
You Are Free (2003) (Her best album - lots of good songs on this one!!)
- Maybe Not
- Fool
- Speak for Me
- i don´t blame you

Pic: A bathysphere. I also want to live in one.

So there it is. 15 songs. If you convert them into mp3@192 you got 95 MB pure gold.

I notice that my taste is a little bit different from most. Rockets and Ice Water is number 48 and 49 in the most played list last 6 month. Nude as News number 45 and Bathysphere is not in the top 50, a big scandal :). The songs from Moon Prix are a bit more popular (24, 27, 41). I found a reason in place 20 and all songs from You are Free in place 15-20. So no one of my favorites in the top 14. strange.


  • aestheticx7

    i think your favorites are brilliant. i would just add Enough to that list and we're on.

    Mar 31 2008, 6h16
  • IonianLamplight

    Kudos for adding Not What You Want. It's quite possibly my favourite song off of Myra Lee. Ice Water is a very, very close second. Her early stuff was infinitely better than the stuff she puts out now...

    Nov 14 2008, 17h32
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