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Fev 14 2007, 12h17

The Future Sound of London!

Dead Cities

saw this at the record store for $10 (aus dollars) and i thought i may as well try it out..... though i was in no rush to buy it. and i definately don't regret it. If you look at fsols greatest hits album, you'll see a massive number of tracks from dead cities, and i can see why. It manages to mix most sections of electronica in there.... and though it has a slight dip near the end, is still a great album.
my fave tracks would have to be:
Glass such a quirky tune... sound a little muddled up near the start, but quickly pulls you in. This song sound like no other, chilled out, yet in your face... in a way. i guess its hard to describe this tracks too well.... which shows how original it is.
My Kingdom This track had me hooked from the start..... a nice downtempo, quiet song, yet mysterious in a way. Sounds.... organic? i dunno, but its a bloody good song!
Max ahhh, a calming piano piece, simple but lovely all the same. an unexpected relaxing song, perfect for what it is.
Everyone in the World Is Doing Something Without Me simillar to max, kinda. this being the other track with no percussion of any kind, just the hypnotic, wordless singing woman. another song that shows the depth of fsol
Dead Cities I had killed a man...... a man who looked like me. great line to open another killer track. Menacing, dark and uptempo. But still manages to be highly original because of its odd time signature of the main tune. sound very.. computerised (very bad choice of word).

yeah, thats all for now.
go fsol!


  • Jeff

    I killed a man who looked like me and listened to too much FSOL.

    Fev 15 2007, 9h00
  • Doorchaser

    I kinda agree on the fact that it's FSOL's best till now!! Cheers

    Fev 19 2007, 11h22
  • Impreza22B

    I don't know... I really enjoyed this album, but I somehow like the ambient tunes of Lifeforms a little bit more.

    Jun 15 2007, 0h31
  • Terrasidius

    We Have Explosive :) I agree with Impreza, this album is awesome but Lifeforms is better; plus lifeforms had two discs of FSOL goodness. :) FSOL rule! Check out Papua New Guinea from the album Accelerator, that has to be my all time favourite FSOL tune, its so damn good. :)

    Ago 16 2007, 21h26
  • Doorchaser

    It's the darkness that tickles me in this one. The raw city harshness that comes out of this album! Where lifeforms is more airy, a benchmark for listening high in the Sky (which I LOVE) this one brings your feet right back to the ground! This earns my respect!!

    Ago 24 2007, 12h20
  • despeckled_elan

    heeey Quagmire is excellent!!! Cyber desolate desert quagmire...a dead tune

    Nov 27 2007, 3h51
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