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Dez 22 2010, 10h30

1. Who is your favorite artist?
i really don't know anymore. i always seem to come back to conor oberst

2. Do you play an instrument? If so, what is it?
i used to be able to play the recorder, along with every fourth grader that went to a las vegas elementary school :/

3. Put your music player on shuffle. What are the first 5 songs that show up?
-'take it easy (love nothing)' by bright eyes
-'lousiana hot sauce rainy nights' by the taxpayers
-'drug town' by this bike is a pipe bomb
-'bold with fire (french quarter)' by andrew jackson jihad
-'shameless' by say anything

4. What genre do you find yourself listening to the most?
punk, and its subgenres (particularly folk and the old school stuff and ska haha); indie and its subgenres (particularly folk and shoegaze)

5. Name a song that gets you pumped.
"a room without a windown" by operation ivy

6. Name 3 bands you consider to be overrated.
Oh maaan, hahaha...
-most of the 80s/90s rock bands that still play on the radio or still make albums...bands like greenday (i have an immense dislike for them ahaha), red hot chilli peppers, and anything like korn...i hate meeting kids who like those who think theyre musical interest are so refined and much better than others because they listen to motley crue or van halen...hair metal?--yuck :P
-various screamo/crunkcore bands...they are simply not my liking, with the obnoxious song titles and all the hairspray used on their scenester hairdo's...maybe if they spent more time on their music than their "scene"-look, they'd sound decent; don't get me wrong...i like some chiodos songs and dance gavin dance was an excellent band before they kicked out their original lead singer, fucking glassjaw is the SHIT...if anything this genre has some diamonds in the rough, which are even harder to find nowadays
-Sex Pistols...i don't hate them, it’s just that they get soooo much credit for ultimately being the "pioneers of punk" which isn't necessarily true; there were plenty of other, better sounding punk bands at the time and before; and besides sid could barely play his instruments and every song on "nevermind the bullocks here are the sex pistols" sounds dead-on similar, but "god save the queen" is quite a good song/album

7. What song are you listening to at the moment?
'survival of the fittest' by desaparecidos

8. How often do you listen do music?
too often; i like have my headphones glued to my ears or i'm in my room listening to something....it tends to make me a SUPER anti social in family situations

9. What band/artist got you into music?
bob dylan, i really love him. he opened to my ears to several other different sounds, and god his lyrics are all so beautiful and haunting hahaa

10. How many concerts have you been to?
technically, only five

-march 2008, at this annual thing they do here in vegas, extreme thing; that year, like every other was plagued by scene/screamo bands BUT surprisingly streetlight manifesto was on the bill...and i managed to get in the front, tomas kalnoky is really a fucking great musician

-september 2010, fyf fest...really big indie music festival in l.a. (one day, 12 hours long) got to see titus andronicus, local natives, ted leo and the pharmacists, and the mountain goats; i went by myself on 4 buses into downtown l.a., totally worth it

-december 2010, i saw dead kennedys at hard rock cafe, not with the original line up, but fuck that line up hasn't been original for years, the drummer had been with them since 81' i think and it was the original guitarist, bassist and vocals (yeah, he's not jello) were new

-feburary 2011, i went to this taco shop to see the taxpayers; i caught some other bands too who were surprisingly really good, especially this local shoegaze band called arminello.

-feburary 2011, i saw streetlight manifesto again. they played a waaaay longer set than before. i sang at the top of my lungs with sweaty strangers. kinda fell in love with mike brown and tomas kalnoky (AGAIN). threw up at the last song and got kicked out. meh, ah well great show.

11. Which defunct band would you like to see reunite?
hands down, neutral milk hotel.

12. Is there a band/artist you once hated but now love?
i didn't like modest mouse when i first heard "float on" but i really like modest mouse now...they're condemned nowadays for being "sell outs" but almost everyone is...i really like the albums "good news for who love bad news" and "the moon and antartica"

13. Vice versa to # 12. Any band you used to love but now hate?
meh. i can't really hate anything anymore.

14. How many songs/artists/albums do you currently have in your music player?
an unimpressive 1267

15. Name a band/artist you recently started listening to.
laura stevenson and the cans, why the fuck did catch on this SO late? haha

16. How diverse is musical taste?
i would, pretty diverse. not the most diverse, but i dabble here and there haha.

17. What is the shortest song you have?
"i like green day" by arrogant sons of bitches (00:21)

18. Longest?
"kids of the black hole" by adolescents (18:55)

19. Name one song that you can listen to over and over without getting bored of it.
right now, just "mickey mouse" by wavves

20. Ok, you're trapped on an island and you can bring only 5 CD's with you. Which ones will you bring?

-'home style' by andrew jackson jihad
-'everything goes numb' by streetlight manifesto
-'from a basement on a hill' by elliott smith
-'cassadaga' by bright eyes
-'reinventing axel rose' by against me!

21. Name 5 songs you dig right now.
-'it ceases to be whining if you're still shitting blood' by laura stevenson and the cans (btmi! cover)
-'a moment of silence' by streetlight manifesto
-'pray with your legs' by mark gunnery
-''ghost mice says' by paul baribeau

22. What is your least favorite genre?
i'm not a fan of modern hard rock, you know, stuff like hinder and nickelback, also modern day country :/

23. Name a band/artist that you consider highly influential.
quite a few, but for now, i'm going with the velvet underground, they were one of the first bands to have an avant-garde sound with dark subject matter, probably one of the first band who could even be considered punk, along with the who. oh and david bowie, whenever i say i like him, people'll look at me like "that bedazzled motherfucker?"

24. What song describes you the best?
something really fucking ugly and pessimistic.

25. Your favorite cover band is...?
i don't have one.

26. Name a musician you highly admire.
jeff rosenstock, ASOB was my first DIY-oriented band

27. What's your favorite radio station?
in l.a., i liked this one station KROC, because they played lots of sublime, some rancid, and one day they played arcade fire. idk, i suck with radio stations

28. Name a guilty pleasure you listen to.
i like conway twitty haha

29. Who do you think has the best singing voice?
i'm gonna answer this as whose voice would excel in a wide range of genres, that being said...elliott smith has a lovely voice and the old singer from dancegavindance, craig. oh and issac brocks, he like can do a lot with his voice, its pretty sweet even with his lisp

30. Your thoughts on rap music?
OFWGKTA oh and wu tang for sure.

31. Your favorite side project?
i'm really digging bandits of the acoustic revolution, tomas kalnoky...excels at all he does musically.

32. Name an album you consider to be flawless.
flawless album?---let come back to this one.

33. The most annoying song ever is?

34. Name a cover song that you think is better than the original.
johnny cash's cover of "hurt; "god gave rock and roll to you" by max levine ensemble

35. Favorite album cover?
"cassadaga" by bright eyes, it won like an award for best album design. it’s pretty much just looks like t.v. static but them you get this thing that you put the album up against and you see hidden messages in latin and french and images, it’s pretty fucking sweet.

36. If your music player has a search feature, how many results do you have for the following words:

-Love: 91
-You: 135
-Remix: 1 (haha)
-Song: 53
-Sandwich: sadly, none.

37. What song are you listening to NOW?
'sheepskin tearaway' by peter doherty

38. Name a song you'd listen to in the following situations:

-At a party
i don't go to parties

-In the car
i haven't ridden in a car in DAYS. but on the bus?--"montana" by the taxpayers

-Relaxing at home:
i'm thinking...something by sonic youth or even jesus and the mary chain

-Muting out someone else's music
'pay to cum' by bad brains?....idk, something loud.

-Just getting out of bed
'not fade away' by buddy holly, something bright and happy

39. Have you ever met a famous musician?
i met the taxpayers at that taco shop. but their not ridiculous famous

40. Name a song that's been stuck in your head.
"this is a singalong" by bomb the music industry

41. What band would you like to see a new album from?
this reckless orchestra madness deal that pat the bunny is doing.

42. Your favorite local band?
i dont have a favorite. arminello is really good, bad taste is pretty good too.

43. Have you ever gone through any phases of listening to music you normally wouldn't listen to?

44. Do you enjoy indie music?
sure, but don't call it that.

45. Favorite fictional band?
this band that homer simpson was in, he was like dead on kurt cobain haha, they had this song "margerine" haha.

46. Funniest song you can think of is...?
meh, this song i can't remember the title of, it was on the bomb the music industry/o pioneers split.

47. Favorite comedy band/artist?
flight of the conchords, so far

48. What song describes your life right now?
'put arsenic in the frosting next time' by johnny hobo and the freight trains; a song about regret, misery, and watching everyone thrive on life, and you're sorta just there, indecisive and stagnant about life; so does 'd.i.y. orgasm' and 'trash rules everything'...pat the bunny is like the white, skinny, talented version of me; fucking love that man.

49. Your favorite female singer?
i do loveeee feist from broken social scene and jenny lewis from rilo keily and billy holiday is really great.

50. What is the last CD you purchased?
paul baribeau's "grand ledge"


  • kirstyglasgow

    I love you answer to 48 haha :)

    Jan 12 2011, 14h53
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