Favorite Artists A through Z!


Fev 23 2006, 7h18

A - Akron/Family
B - The Beatles
C - Chicago i'm probably forgetting someone here.. but i do like "25 or 6 to 4"
D - Bob Dylan
E - The Eagles not a big fan.. couldnt think of anyone else
F - The Flaming Lips
G - Genesis
H - George Harrison
I - Iggy Pop
J - Michael Jackson
L - John Lennon
O - Olivia Tremor Control
M - Mitch Hedberg
N - Nine Inch Nails
P - Pink Floyd
Q - Queen
R - Radiohead
S - Scumbo
T - Tom Green ?
U - U2
V - The Verve
W - Wilco
Y - Yes
Z - ZZ Top


  • Kaufmon

    You have my respect for creating a list of this nature. What's more impressive is the time frame and variations of artists listed. I could never do this. I reckon if I tried, I'd have to make changes a week later. BTW, The Flaming Lips tag brought me around here. Peace.

    Fev 23 2006, 9h43
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