• Graspop 2010 (Sunday)

    Jul 1 2010, 19h54

    Fri 25 Jun – Graspop Metal Meeting 2010

    Instead of going by car, I decided to take public transport to Graspop this year (train and bus were free with ticket). After having taken 2 trains and 1 bus I arrived at the Graspop festival before 2 pm. I had just missed 'Job for A Cowboy' but I was still in time to see 'Katatonia' in Marquee 1.


    Katatonia were only allowed to play a very short (40 minutes) set. This Swedish progressive-death influenced band played a good show in a not so full marquee. They played a few songs from the 'great cold distance' album (only Katatonia album I've heard so far) including 'my twin'.


    I left near the end of Katatonia's set (ca. 10 minutes left) to the mainstage because I wanted to have a good place to see 'Exodus' play. Exodus' set was also rather short (50 minutes) which was an absolute shame! Exodus started with a track from their new album ('Exhibit B: the human condition) and played a few thrash classics like 'Strike of the beast' and 'a lesson in violence'. During their set I got literally hosed (it was very hot that day so the organisation sprayed water on the audience) and there for almost lost my left lens. Exodus was good but their set was too short. They didn't play 'Children of a worthless God', 'And then there were none' nor 'Bonded by blood'. After Exodus' set I watched a few minutes of Jon Oliva's Pain his set and went to drink something. (it was too hot and I'm not a huge fan).


    The Polish blackened death metal band 'Behemoth' was the next band I saw that day. I was completely exhausted during their show (over 30 degrees that day). Behemoth did a good job with a lethal overdose of blastbeats.


    Bloodbath was up next in the same marquee. This was Bloodbath's 6th live concert ever and I'm proud to have been there! Bloodbath blew me away with old school death metal played to perfection. Mikael Akerfeldt, who claimed that he was drunk, had a good day (the guy is a metal god!) and performed in an overheated marquee with a leather jacket. Some songs they played were 'Cancer of the soul', 'Breeding death' and 'Eaten' (last song).


    After an unforgetable Bloodbath concert it was time for 'Hatebreed'. Personally I find them an overrated band but I've got to admit that the atmosphere during their set was sensational. The entire crowd went wild. The set started with an intro ('gonna fly now' from one of my favorite films 'Rocky') and ended with 'I will be heard' and a few more songs.


    KISS, the main reason why I came to Graspop on sunday, was up next on the mainstage. KISS' show was massive...tons of fireworks and special effects. KISS played for 2 full hours and had a setlist which was a combination between new ('Sonic Boom') and old tracks. Unfortunately they didn't play my favorite track ('God of Thunder') but songs like 'Love Gun', 'Cold Gin' and 'Firehouse' made up for that! I'm so glad I had the chance to see this legendary rock act live! Same time next year? The festival ended with a firework which was a present from the Graspop-organisation.

    At 1 pm. (immediately after KISS' show) I went by foot to the church of Dessel where my parents came to pick me up. It took me a small hour and during the walking to the church I had a fun conversation with a German guy from Trier.
  • Bands I've seen live

    Abr 12 2010, 19h55

    - Agnostic Front (1x)
    - Aborted (2x)
    - After All (1x)
    - Aura Noir (1x)
    - Asphyx (1x)
    - Anthrax (2x)
    - Alkerdeel (1x)
    - Amon Amarth (1x)
    - Always Fallen (1x)
    - Anti-Nowhere League (1x)
    - Aiden (1x)
    - Adicts, the (1x)
    - Alice Cooper (2x)
    - Apocalyptica (1x)
    - Agitators, the (1x)
    - Behemoth (3x)
    - Bad Religion (1x)
    - Benedictum (1x)
    - Belvedere (1x)
    - Besatt (1x)
    - Bonded by Blood (1x)
    - Black Label Society (1x)
    - Blackout, the (1x)
    - Blind to Faith (1x)
    - Black Tusk (1x)
    - Bloodbath (1x)
    - Brutal Truth (1x)
    - Blasted (1x)
    - Cradle of Filth (2x)
    - Chimaira (1x)
    - Cowboys and Aliens (1x)
    - Children of Bodom (3x)
    - Channel zero (2x)
    - Cannibal Corpse (2x)
    - Carved (1x)
    - Cock Sparrer (1x)
    - Carrion (Be) (1x)
    - Caliban (1x)
    - Diablo (1x)
    - Down (1x)
    - Dionysus (1x)
    - Dio Disciples (1x)
    - Do or Die (1x)
    - Deathstars (1x)
    - Dubliners, the (1x)
    - Ditchcreeper (1x)
    - Days Reason, the (1x)
    - Difference, the (1x)
    - Datsuns, the (1x)
    - Dancing Morons, the (1x)
    - Den of Robbers, a (1x)
    - Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (1x)
    - Dream Theater (1x)
    - Deströyer 666 (1x)
    - Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft (1x)
    - Drums are for Parades (2x)
    - Dillinger Escape Plan, the (1x)
    - Devastation (Belgium) (1x)
    - Drone (1x)
    - Die Hard (1x)
    - Death Angel (3x)
    - Exodus (5x)
    - Enthroned (3x)
    - Evile (1x)
    - Elite (1x)
    - Endstille (2x)
    - Exploited, the (1x)
    - Endezzma (1x)
    - Eyehategod (2x)
    - Electric Wizard (1x)
    - Edge of Serenity (1x)
    - Excruciate 666 (1x)
    - Emergency Gate (1x)
    - Flogging Molly (2x)
    - Flyleaf (1x)
    - Forbidden (1x)
    - Funeral Dress (1x)
    - Fides Inversa (2x)
    - From Ruins We Rise (2x)
    - For Today (1x)
    - Fozzy (1x)
    - Fueled by Fire (2x)
    - Forget to Forgive (1x)
    - 15 reasons (1x)
    - Gorgoroth (1x)
    - Gallows (1x)
    - Goatwhore (1x)
    - Guilty as Charged (1x)
    - Geriatric Unit (1x)
    - Guano Apes (1x)
    - Gold Kids (1x)
    - Grave (1x)
    - Grimegod (1x)
    - Galadriel (1x)
    - Gurd (1x)
    - Hatebreed (2x)
    - Heaven and Hell (1x)
    - Horse the Band (1x)
    - Huldrefolk (2x)
    - Helloween (1x)
    - Hell (1x)
    - Heidrun (2x)
    - Howl (1x)
    - Helstar (1x)
    - Heaven shall Burn (2x)
    - Heideroosjes (2x)
    - Handful of Hate (1x)
    - Iron Maiden (1x)
    - In Flames (1x)
    - Izegrim (NL) (1x)
    - Iced Earth (1x)
    - Immortal (1x)
    - Iron Age (1x)
    - In.Vain (1x)
    - In this Moment (1x)
    - Judas Priest (2x)
    - Jerusalem the Black (1x)
    - Jon Oliva's Pain (1x)
    - Kataklysm (1x)
    - Kreator (2x)
    - Kampfar (1x)
    - Katatonia (1x)
    - KISS (1x)
    - Korn (1x)
    - Kult (1x)
    - Lucifer Principle, the (2x)
    - Legion of the Damned (2x)
    - Life of Agony (1x)
    - Lion's Pride (1x)
    - Locked-in (1x)
    - Leng Tch'e (1x)
    - Morbid Angel (1x)
    - Mastodon (1x)
    - Motörhead (3x)
    - Metallica (1x)
    - Morda (1x)
    - Misery Index (1x)
    - Ministry (1x)
    - Midnight Tattoo (1x)
    - Mötley Crüe (1x)
    - Madness (1x)
    - Misery Speaks (1x)
    - Mystica (1x)
    - Murw (1x)
    - Mgla (1x)
    - Malism (1x)
    - Machine Head (2x)
    - Monster Magnet (1x)
    - Malignant Tumour (1x)
    - My Autumn (1x)
    - Marduk (3x)
    - Mortifera (1x)
    - Megadeth (1x)
    - Malevolent Creation (1x)
    - Mosquito (1x)
    - My American heart (1x)
    - New York Dolls (1x)
    - Natrach (1x)
    - Neaera (1x)
    - Necrodeath (1x)
    - Negură Bunget (1x)
    - Ozzy Osbourne (1x)
    - Our People Versus Yours (1x)
    - Pro-Pain (7x)
    - PiL (1x)
    - Primordial (1x)
    - Papa Roach (1x)
    - Powerstroke (3x)
    - Possessed (1x)
    - Praga Khan (1x)
    - Planning For Burial (1x)
    - Rancid (1x)
    - Rise Against (1x)
    - Ragnarok (1x)
    - Resistance (Be) (1x)
    - Rodeo Machine (1x)
    - Sex Pistols (1x)
    - Slayer (5x)
    - Saxon (3x)
    - Sodom (2x)
    - Sick of it All (1x)
    - Setup, the (1x)
    - Soulfly (3x)
    - Stahlsarg (1x)
    - Satan (1x)
    - Slipknot (2x)
    - Sword, the (1x)
    - Spoil Engine (2x)
    - Steak number eight (1x)
    - Suicidal Angels (2x)
    - Syndrome (1x)
    - Sequences (1x)
    - Sepulchral Voices (1x)
    - Satanic Assault Division (1x)
    - Stellar Drive (1x)
    - Testament (4x)
    - Toxic Holocaust (1x)
    - Thin Lizzy (1x)
    - Totimoshi (1x)
    - Triptykon (1x)
    - Tsjuder (2x)
    - Triumph and Tragedy (1x)
    - Totalselfhatred (1x)
    - Used, the (1x)
    - Uptempo Blues Machines (1x)
    - Vomitory (1x)
    - Violator (1x)
    - Vicious Rumors (1x)
    - Valkyrja (1x)
    - Weissglut (1x)
    - Warckon (1x)
    - Warbringer (1x)
    - Your Fall (1x)
    - Zwartketterij (1x)
  • My favo. (metal) bands A-Z

    Ago 15 2009, 14h43

  • Alcatraz Metal Festival 2009 (Deinze)

    Ago 10 2009, 18h11

    Sat 8 Aug – Alcatraz Metal Festival 2009

    I took the train from Ghent to Deinze (circa 20 minutes) and arrived at the Deinze railwaystation round 1.30 pm. After having talked with some friends I went inside and watched 'Onslaught' play.

    Onslaught was the first band I saw that day and they made a good impression on me (unfortunately they could only play 40 minutes). I personally believe that 'Onslaught' deserved a few places higher on the bill.

    'Agent Steel'
    The second band which I saw was 'Agent Steel'. Their style is a mixture of Trash-/Speed-/Power- and Heavy Metal. Agent Steel's sound was very good. In the beginning I didn't really like the high vocals (he sounded like a powermetal singer) of the frontman but after a short while I got used to it and couldn't stop headbanging. The temparature during their set was incredibly high...I felt like I was in a sauna.

    'Spoil Engine'
    After having seen a very good 'Agent Steel' I went outside with some friends to eat and drink something, so I missed Helstar's set. 'Spoil Engine' was the next band I saw...they played on the small stage upstairs in the venue (Brielpoort, Deinze). Spoil Engine (a Flemish band) recently signed a contract with 'Roadrunner Records' so I was very curious to see them play (I had already seen them a few years ago though). Spoil Engine's music was great to headbang to but it is obvious that their sound is evolving in a more and more commercial way. Close to the end of the set the power went off and the band started to improvise (which was funny to see). I managed (thanks to a friend) to get a copy of their setlist.

    'Ross the Boss'
    Power Metal is the only way to describe this band. Ross was the co-founder of the legendary 'Manowar' so they played two Manowar covers ('Gods of Metal' and 'Hail and Kill'). I'm not a huge Power Metal fan but I enjoyed their show. I was standing very close to the stage.

    Trash legends 'Testament' were the next band which I saw. I heard from a good source that the (Dutch) roadcrew of Testament was giving the organisators a hard time. Due to (technical ?) problems Testament started more than half an hour too late. Unfortunately Chuck and Co. shortened their set. They started with 'The Preacher' and ended with 'The Formation of Damnation' from their latest album. Apparently this was the last show of Testament's European tour.

    Saxon started almost an hour too late but played a full (circa 90 minutes)set. I was really impressed with their show (The fact I was standing only two meters from the stage also played a role I guess). Saxon played almost all of their greatest hits (747 strangers in the night, Let me feel your power, Heavy Metal Thunder, Crusader, Wheels of steel, demon Sweeney Todd...just to name a few). After their last song the guitarist threw a few Guitar-picks in the audience. One of them fell on the ground and I managed to get it !!!). It was the first time ever that I had caught something they threw in the audience during a (metal-) concert.