Schnapszahl vs. Repdigit - 111,111 Plays on Last.FM


Set 26 2010, 23h35

I can't help myself, but I prefer the German term "Schnapszahl" (schnapps digit) to the mathematical "repdigit". The latter would make more sense in my case if it were spelled "rapdigit", because quite a few of the 111,111 plays I just hit at Last.FM have been rap and hip-hop songs.

My 50,000th and 100,000th play on Last.FM happened to be Funkadelic's One Nation Under a Groove. The 111,111th play is a different version of "One Nation" - featuring just the duo of Dennis Chambers (drums) and Gary Grainger (bass): One Nation Under a Groove (Bass & Drums).

It is an excerpt from Dennis' great DVD "In the Pocket".

Here's my German blog post about Last.FM at (from 2007).


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