Guest Appearances by P.Funk Artists


Out 19 2005, 21h18

I just compiled P.Funk principals' collaborations with artists outside of the P.Funk 'core group' - I excluded songs like by rappers who sampled and then later worked with George Clinton & Co. (e.g., Bop Gun (One Nation)). Here's my current play list (in no particular order):

Produced by George Clinton

Featuring George Clinton

Produced by George Clinton & Bootsy Collins

Featuring BOOTSY

Featuring Maceo Parker, Pee Wee Ellis, and Fred Wesley (as The J.B. Horns):

Do you have any favorite collaborations you'd add here?

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  • flaneur

    AWESOME compilation, thank you! Definitely going to check out that tag stream soon too. :-)

    Out 19 2005, 22h33
  • funkasize85

    This is some really hot shit - thanks!!! I am always glad to find a couple of extra gems for my collection :-)

    Abr 20 2006, 6h20
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