philharmonic belle & sebastian (fucking awesome!)


Jul 8 2006, 1h45

ok I cannot really remember the set list sorry.
I do remember:
I Fought In A War
I fought in a war (was not their opening song, second song) (my FAVOURITE song yaa :)
They played a lot of songs from
Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant This album is my favourite album, everyone says "oh, this album sucks. It's their worst." went rather brilliant with the orchestra. underated album.
The Model
The Wrong Girl
Don't Leave the Light on BabyJonathan David
Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Lord AnthonyThe Boy With The Arab StrapIf She Wants MeYour Cover's BlownI'm A CuckooSuki in the graveyardSleep the Clock AroundI'm Waking Up to UsIf You're Feeling SinisterDirty Dream #2

oh yeah dear baby biotch, you're going down.

I think they should have played these songs (cos they would have been perfect with the orchestra)

I Love My Car
This Is Just a Modern Rock Song
Women's Realm
(especially women's realm)

oh yeah, fans stormed the stage! hahaha the little security they had, well had to push back people (about 30 or more) who jumped up onto the stage and were dancing, maybe even touching the instruments.
a baby bird died too on stage :(

Traffic was horrible! !! horrible!!!
sooooooo many people, every seat was taken, and that place is god damn huge. a lot of uhh cute guys hahahah
Envios aceitos
belle & sebastian


  • parabolix

    Only found this journal because you are the top fan of B&S :) You are so lucky you got to see that show. That would've been awesome to see. I agree with you, Fold Your Hands is maybe the best Belle and Sebastian album, its easily up there :)

    Jul 8 2006, 4h01
  • brilligbaby

    the show was AMAZING the best concert i've ever been to you can find the exact playlist here:

    Jul 8 2006, 7h32
  • pixienat

    awesome show

    Jul 9 2006, 4h18
  • boingocure

    ohhh baby biotch...that show was so amazing

    Jul 10 2006, 1h11
  • KinkyReggae

    wait... they didn't play the singles??:( I want to hear the singles...

    Jul 11 2006, 12h10
  • jumbasi

    hey if anyone is interested - i have a copy of this show and i'll be willing to share it...just send me a message and we can figure out a way.

    Jul 20 2006, 13h24
  • tabbytabby

    That was without a doubt the best concert I've ever been too.. I was one of them crazy dancers up on the semi-circle platform haha! and yes Baby Biotch had better watch her back.. :)

    Jul 21 2006, 11h40
  • FirReforle

    I was at that show, it was great. but I had nosebleed seats. I carved a little soycow into the tree and met a girl who told me to find her on MySpace but I fail at searching on MySpace. though, I wanted them to play Funny Little Frog, only because it had been stuck in my head for weeks. (Previously, it was I Love My Car.)

    Jul 23 2006, 5h48
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