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Fev 21 2011, 20h16

1. Open your music player
2. Put it in suffle
4. For every question, ask it with the title (and artist :P ) of the song that is playing
5. when you’ll answer next question, press NEXT bottom
6. Tag your friends :D Including me!!

1. How do you Feel today?

Lucca Turilli – Kings of the Nordic Twilight
(Uff… missing my viking prince ;o;)

2. What is your life perspective?

Marilyn Manson – This Is Halloween

3. What do your family think about you?

Metallica – My Friend Of Misery

4. What do your friends think about you?

Korpiklaani – Sulasilmä
(What a Fuck? xD)

5. What do the people think about you?

Avantasia - Blizzard On a Broken Mirror

6. What do the people (that want to be with you) think about you?

The Who – Pictures Of Lily
(haa? O_o)

7. How have been your private life?? (LOVE)

Skyclad – A Near Life Experience
(ohh yess... u.u )

8.How will be it in the furute?

Dark Moor – Devil in the Tower

9. Will you get married?

Rata Blanca – La Boca del Lobo
(ohhh… Wolf’s mouth… uuhhh… I’ll investigate it :P
So, I investigated it... and is strange, if I won't get married, maybe I'll regret, but, if I will... I have to fight! )

10. Will you have a childrens?

Metallica – My apocalypse
(ohh viking gosshh! All my family says that! But I think I’d be s o happy!)

11. Are you a Good student?

Scorpions – Does Anyone Know
(pffff XD Does anyone know?? xDDD)

12. Will you be successful?

Sally’s song Piano
(ohhh… maybe everything finish bad? And my hope will be revive with the flame of love?)

13.Song for your Birthday.

Michael Danna & Jeff Danna – The Blood Of Cu Chulainn
(ohhh That’s cool!! This is my favourite song! And get it perfectly! Ireland and Cu Chulainn… I’m so leprechaun X3 )

14. Song for your funeral:

Yasushi Ishii – Dracula’s holy pupil and R&R [Hellsing OST]
(muahahaha I’ll have a marvelous resurrection 8D)

15. The song about your life:

Hunter Shiken Goukaku (Hunter exam finished)
(Ohh goshh... Yes, My student life finished)

16. Your best friend and you are...?

Pulp Fiction – Let’s Stay Together
(Ohh goshh, I’m not tortillera = Lesbian D:)

17. For the happy times?

Nightwish – End Of All Hope
(Tarja played this song in her last concert… Ohh Nordic Goshh, I wanna that she’ll play this song in March concert too >o<)

18. For the sad times?

Axel Rudi Pell – Still I’m sad

19. For every days.

Matt Molloy / Paul Brady / Tommy Peoples - Crosses of Annagh/Mcfaddens Handsome Daughter
(That’s irish! I like it :) )

20. For Tomorrow... ?

Rhapsody Of Fire – Dark Frozen World

21. your alter Ego...?

Metantei Conan – Intro
(pffffff XD Otaku xDD)

22. Your World perspective?

Nordheim - Beer, Metal, Trolls and Vomit!
(hahahahahhaha xD)

23.Will you have a happy life?

Tenacious D – Hard Fucking
(XDDDDDDDDDDDD This kills me!! xD)

24. How will be yor death?

Mägo de Oz – Satania
(Ohhh :O I'll died with the World's end? When the nature will disappear?)

25. Are you a good person?

Tarja – The Reign
(ohh... That’s true... Is so... deep this song)

26. That stuff that you dedicate is worth it?

Wehrmacht – Balance Of Opinion
(Ok, I have an idea: This group is listened by Dimitri, so… a half of people say “yes! Really is worth it!” and the other part say “no, not really ¬¬)
Ohh, I thought in him, because Wehrmacht gave me that idea, and I’m dedicated to stalk him XDD)

27. What does he/she think about you?

Soundtrack – Burn it Down!
(oohhh that I’m a witch?? XDD)

28. your biggest defect.

Rata Blanca – Sin tu amor (Without your love)
(ohh… I depend so much to love?)

29. Your biggest virtue?

Ensiferum – Deathbringer From The Sky
(Deathbringer= a god? O.o
So… I’m a goddness? :D )

30. Your body..?

Leo – Tras las puertas del mal (behind the gates of evil)
Muahaha My body is bad xDD

31. sexual fantasy?

The London Symphony Orchestra – Mornay’s Dream
(hahahaha with a Scottish? Muhahahhahaa xD
Yes :$)

32. You die for...?

The Darkness – One Way Ticket
(cof cof to Germany cof cof)

33. What is your childhood friend’s opinion about you??

Hans Zimmer – Ronin
(ohhh am I a samurai without lord? ;w;)

34. What is your political party??

Savia – Un año (One year)
(Ohh… Is sad, but my political party is… the year that I lose witout you… (lyrics of the song :P)

35. You are excited by...?

Enslaved – Yggdrasil
(Viking culture! :D)

36. Your most frustation..

Avantasia – The Story Ain’t over
(I don’t understand... Why this song is my frustration? It should be my hope! XD)

37. What do the people think when see your eyes?

Korpiklaani – Ali Jaisten Vetten
( What a fuuck’ xD I don’t undersand finnish language very well :S)

38.....your hands... ?

Carlos Santana – Black Magic Woman
( Wohohohoho I like it!! :D)

39. your most recently relationship? (LOVE)

Blind Guardian – Wizard’s crown
(mmhhh... I don’t know O_o)

40. ¿what is the thing that you afraid about yourself?

Dark moor – When The Sun is gone
(so… when “me da la wea” I can destroy everything)

41. In the bed you are...?

Dalriada – Búcsúzó
(What is that?? D:
ok... Búcsúzó is farewell... so... until in bed i'm depressed? D: )

42. What make you cry?

Rhapsody Of Fire- Lamento Eroico
(LOOOOOOOOOL of course that a “lamento” makes me cry dah xD)

43. Your ideal soulmate is… ?

Moving Hearts – The Storm
A Scottish? D: Or someone that would be proud to born in where he born? XD
Or… This Scottish isn’t proud to born where he born? So… This Other guy too? :O

44. The pain is for you like a...

The Londond Symphony Orchestra – The princess pleads for Wallace
(The desesperation that you feel when your love is gonna die? Yep… This is pain)

45. Your personality tend to be...?

Evanescence – Bing me to life
Depressed? YES

46. Nickname?

Ensiferum – Lady In Black
(Ohhh thanks you so much, Ensi *heart*)

47. What is the opinion of the mayority of men... about you?

INXS – Baby don’t cry
(Whaaaat? XD)

48. And women?

Danzig – Lady Lucifera
(pffff xD Devil’s wife? XD)

49. For this special person..

*looking for a better song*
Rata Blanca – El Gran Rey del Rock and Roll (The Big King of Rock’n roll) (nope ¬///¬)
AC/DC – Touch Too much (FUUUUU >//////<)

Blind Guardian – Curse My Name (hahahahhaa xD Yep, I’m so stalk, that he’ll curse my name XD)

50. For Say goodbye...

Fferyllt – Dance Of Druids

Know the musical taste of your friends (more xD)
and laugh with the nonsenses and the coincidences xD

Note about this random stuff: Ohh viking goshh, It’s so fun to do it!! :D



  • Raivoisa

    Hah, interesting. Maybe I'll do it ^^,

    Fev 23 2011, 8h15
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