• 1st time djing set one friday nov 10th, 2006

    Nov 12 2006, 6h05

    1st set ever at a grad med student party Friday night nov 10 2006

    sunglasses at night - tiga and zyntherius+++
    feel good inc - gorillaz (stanton warriors edit)+++
    drop the pressure - mylo (stanton warriors edit)++
    sexy back - justin timberlake++
    who's your daddy - benny benassi++
    robot rock - daft punk+
    after dark - le tigreneutral
    how we do - mount simsneutral
    work it punk - jds vs missy elliot++
    koochy - armand van helden-- started to early in the song, too much of that scratching
    nympho - dj assault+
    rock the shocker - peaches+++
    trick or treat - phon.o++++ this had everybody bouncin
    coochie coo - princess superstar++
    gimme head - dj deeon+
    i like the way you move - bodyrockers++
    juicy juicy - armand van helden++
    toop toop - cassius+
    echoes - the rapture++
    sesame seed - kool and the gang+
    thrills - lcd soundsystem++
    comfortably numb - scissor sisters (fatboys extended edit)++
    la rock 01 - vitalic++

    There were two peaks, one at the beginning and one in the middle, the tail end didn't matter as much because the music had to be lowered due to noise complaints. People didn't respond as favorably to Le Tigre as I thought they would, but people loved rock the shocker, feel good inc, trick or treat and sunglasses at night.

    Sunglasses at Night
    Feel Good Inc
    Drop The Pressure
    Who's Your Daddy
    Robot Rock
    After Dark
    How We Do
    work it punk
    Rock The Shocker
    Trick Or Treat
    Coochie Coo
    Gimme Head
    I Like The Way You Move
    Juicy Juicy
    Toop Toop
    Sesame Seed
    Comfortably Numb
    La Rock 01
  • BT at the OC last night

    Jul 5 2006, 0h47

    Was freaking awesome. I was totally sober and still, it was amazing. He played this crazy electro house that was nasty as fuck. It was so dirty. Check out the pix Awesome show.
  • holy fuck!

    Jun 20 2006, 5h43

    I saw Sasha at Bonnaroo just a few days ago, Saturday night, June 17th, 2006. Hands down, the best show I have ever seen in my life. The best experience I've ever had in my life. He was into the music, the whole crowd was really feeling it too. Everybody was rolling and blowing up, five thousand glowsticks were waving around. Sasha was even throwing water on the crowd to blow them up. There was not a single sober person there.

    There's nothing like 10,000 people raving from 3:30 am til 7 in the morning. It was amazing. Yeah, the sun was up when he finished playing. I danced for more than three hours and EVERYBODY begged him to play more when he stopped. He was thoroughly into performing, he had a giant smile and great stage presence, like he was really glad to be there.

    I looked up his tour dates and apparently he was in Barcelona the day before playing a show. That's hardcore. From Spain, to Tennessee.

    My only wish is that the next time I see him will be just as good.