Ripoff of the week: Steely Dan vs. Nick Lowe


Jun 26 2009, 8h10

This is an easy one. Both pretty famous, both from the same decade, both in the same key. The verses are virtually identical.
Steely Dan - Reelin' In The Years (1972)
Nick Lowe - So It Goes (1978)

The shuffling beat and casual dribbling vocal delivery are also reminiscent of Thin Lizzy -- is it The Boys Are Back in Town or some other song?

Lowe's album Jesus of Cool is full of meta-music, of course. I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass could quite literally be a reference to Breaking Glass, while musically it's a soundalike of Sound and Vision (and Lowe had already played on Bowie's Low with the Bowi EP). Nutted by Reality sounds like what they'd play in an unauthorized Jackson 5 biopic during the I Want You Back scene. And so it goes.


  • djboe11

    I was struck by this similarity today. So It Goes just sounds like Reelin' in the Years with different lyrics.

    Jul 24 2009, 6h26
  • knowbyheart

    Haha, weird. I was thinking about this today. That verse was stuck in my head and I couldn't remember what song it was from. I listened to Reelin' in the Years but had this sneaking suspicion that it wasn't EXACTLY what I was looking for. Then I heard "So It Goes" Both songs are great though.

    Ago 20 2009, 1h06
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