• My DVD Collection

    Ago 26 2010, 22h04

    This list is accurate as of November 12th 2010.

    8 Mile

    Adventures In Babysitting
    American History X
    The Amityville Horror
    Amityville II: The Possession
    Amityville 3-D
    Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes
    An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder

    Beavis And Butt-Head Do America
    BMX Bandits
    The Bourne Identity
    The Bourne Supremacy
    The Bourne Ultimatum
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer

    Cat's Eye
    Chasing Amy
    Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe
    Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
    Clerks II
    Clerks Uncensored
    Club Dread
    Corpse Bride
    Cradle Of Fear

    Dawn Of The Dead (2004)
    The Day After Tomorrow
    Dazed And Confused
    Donnie Darko

    Edward Scissorhands
    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Fight Club
    Final Destination
    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Ginger Snaps
    Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed
    Ginger Snaps III: The Beginning
    The Goonies
    Groundhog Day

    Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone
    Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
    Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
    Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
    Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

    In The Mouth Of Madness

    Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
    Jurassic Park III

    King Arthur
    Kingdom Of Heaven

    Lemony Sniket's: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
    Little Monsters
    Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
    Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
    Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

    Masters Of The Universe
    Matrix Reloaded
    Matrix Revolutions
    The Mighty Ducks
    D2: The Mighty Ducks
    D3: The Mighty Ducks
    Mr. And Mrs. Smith

    The NeverEnding Story
    The NeverEnding Story 2: The Next Chapter
    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Office Space
    The Outsiders

    Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl
    Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
    Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End
    The Program
    Pump Up The Volume

    Resident Evil
    Resident Evil: Apocalypse
    Resident Evil: Extinction
    Rocky II
    Rocky III
    Rocky IV
    Rocky V

    Saving Private Ryan
    Saw II
    Saw III
    Saw IV
    The Sandlot
    School Of Rock
    The Simpsons Movie
    Sin City
    The Sixth Sense
    South Park: Bigger, Longer, And Un-Cut
    Sleepy Hollow
    Spider Man
    Spider Man 2
    Spider Man 3
    Stand By Me
    Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
    Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones
    Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
    Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
    Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
    Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi
    Star Wars: Ewok Adventures
    Summer School

    Team America World Police
    Teen Wolf
    Teen Wolf Too


    Van Helsing
    Varsity Blues

    Wedding Crashers
    Whats Eating Gilbert Grape
    White Men Can't Jump
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    The Wizard

    X2: X-Men United
    X-Men III: The Last Stand



    TV On DVD
    Angel Season 1
    Angel Season 2
    Angel Season 3
    Angel Season 4
    Angel Season 5

    Beavis And Butt-Head Volume 1
    Beavis And Butt-Head Volume 2
    Beavis And Butt-Head Volume 3
    Bones Season 1
    Bones Season 2
    Bones Season 3
    Bones Season 4
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 1
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 2
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 3
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 4
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 5
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 6
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 7

    Castle Season 1
    Castle Season 2

    Family Guy Volume 1
    Family Guy Volume 2
    Family Guy Volume 3
    Family Guy Volume 4
    Firefly Complete Series

    NCIS Season 1
    NCIS Season 2
    NCIS Season 3
    NCIS Season 4

    Scrubs Season 1
    Scrubs Season 2
    Scrubs Season 3
    Scrubs Season 4
    Scrubs Season 5
    Scrubs Season 6
    Scrubs Season 7
    Scrubs Season 8
    South Park Season 1
    South Park Season 2
    South Park Season 3
    South Park Season 4
    South Park Season 5
    South Park Season 6
    South Park Season 7
    South Park Season 8
    South Park Season 9
    South Park Season 10
    South Park Season 11
    South Park Season 12
    South Park Season 13
  • My CD Collection

    Ago 16 2010, 17h58

    List is accurate as of June 30th 2015

    Ace Of Base - The Sign
    Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation
    Aerosmith - Pump
    Aerosmith - Get A Grip
    AFI - Sing The Sorrow
    Agalloch - The Mantle
    Agalloch - Ashes Against The Grain
    Agalloch - Marrow Of The Spirit
    Agalloch - The Serpent & The Sphere
    Amorphis - Tales From The Thousand Lakes
    Amorphis - Elegy
    Amorphis - Tuonela
    Amorphis - AM Universum
    Amorphis - Far From The Sun
    Amorphis - Eclipse
    Amorphis - Silent Waters
    Amorphis - Skyforger
    Amorphis - The Beginning Of Times
    Amorphis - Circle
    Angel Dust - Border Of Reality
    Angtoria - God Has A Plan For Us All
    Anonymus - Instinct
    Arch Enemy - Wages Of Sin
    Arch Enemy - Anthems Of Rebellion

    Battle Of Mice - A Day Of Nights
    Battlesoul - Lay Down Thy Burdens
    Black Sabbath - Paranoid
    Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
    Blind Guardian - Battalions Of Fear
    Blind Guardian - Follow The Blind
    Blind Guardian - Tales From The Twilight World
    Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond
    Blind Guardian - Imaginations From The Other Side
    Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle Earth
    Blind Guardian - A Night At The Opera
    Blind Guardian - A Twist In The Myth
    Blind Guardian - At The Edge Of Time
    Blind Guardian - Beyond The Red Mirror
    Blinded By Faith - Veiled Hideousness
    Blinded By Faith - Under An Occult Sun
    Blood Tracks 1-4 (Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles CD Sampler)
    Bon Jovi - Cross Road
    Borknagar - Borknagar
    Borknagar - The Olden Domain
    Borknagar - The Archaic Course
    Borknagar - Quintessence
    Borknagar - Empiricism
    Borknagar - Epic
    Borknagar - Origin
    Borknagar - Urd
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Album

    Children Of Bodom - Something Wild
    Children Of Bodom - Hatebreeder
    Children Of Bodom - Follow The Reaper
    Children Of Bodom - Hate Crew Deathroll
    Children Of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet?
    Children Of Bodom - Blooddrunk
    Children Of Bodom - Relentless, Reckless Forever
    Counting Crows - August And Everything After
    The Corrs - Forgiven, Not Forgotten
    The Corrs - Talk On Corners
    The Corrs - In Blue
    Cradle Of Filth - The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
    Cradle Of Filth - Vempire Of Dark Faerytales In Phallustein
    Cradle Of Filth - Dusk... And Her Embrace
    Cradle Of Filth - Cruelty And The Beast
    Cradle Of Filth - From The Cradle To Enslave
    Cradle Of Filth - Midian
    Cradle Of Filth - Bitter Suites To Succubi
    Cradle Of Filth - Damnation And A Day
    Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine
    Cradle Of Filth - Thornography
    Cradle Of Filth - Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder
    Cradle Of Filth - Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa
    Cradle Of Filth - The Manticore And Other Horrors
    The Cranberries - No Need To Argue
    Cronian - Terra

    Dangerous Minds Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Dark Noise 2000 (CD Compilation of Goth and Industrial Songs)
    Dark Tranquillity - The Gallery (deluxe edition)
    Dark Tranquillity - Projector
    Dark Tranquillity - Haven
    Dark Tranquillity - Damage Done
    Dark Tranquillity - Character
    Dark Tranquillity - Fiction
    Dark Tranquillity - We Are The Void
    Death Is Just The Beginning 2 (Relapse CD Compilation)
    Def Leppard - Hysteria
    Def Leppard - Greatest Hits Vault
    Dio - Holy Diver
    Dismal Euphony - Lady Ablaze
    Draconian - Where Lovers Mourn
    Draconian - Arcane Rain Fell
    Draconian - The Burning Halo
    Draconian - A Rose For The Apocalypse
    Dragonforce - Valley Of The Damned
    Dragonforce - Sonic Firestorm
    Dragonforce - Inhuman Rampage
    Drain STH - Horror Wrestling
    Drain STH - Freaks Of Nature
    Dream Theater - Images And Words
    Dream Theater - Awake
    Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons
    Dream Theater - Falling Into Infinity
    Dream Theater - Scenes From A Memory
    Dream Theater - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
    Dream Theater - Train Of Thought
    Dream Theater - Octavarium
    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos
    Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings
    Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn Of Events
    Dream Theater - Dream Theater

    Eluveitie - Slania
    Eluveitie - Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion
    Eminem - The Slim Shady LP
    Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
    Eminem - The Eminem Show
    Eminem - Encore
    Emjay - In Your Arms
    Evanescence - Fallen
    Evanescence - The Open Door
    Eyes Of Fire - Prisons

    Firestarter (Century Media CD Compilation)
    Lita Ford - The Best Of Lita Ford

    Garbage - Garbage
    Garbage - Beautiful Garbage
    Gates Of Winter - Lux Aeterna
    The Gathering - Downfall The Early Years
    The Gathering - Mandylion
    The Gathering - Nighttime Birds
    The Gathering - How To Measure A Planet?
    The Gathering - If Then Else
    The Gathering - Souvenirs
    The Gathering - Home
    The Gathering - The West Pole
    The Gathering - Disclosure
    Green Carnation - Light Of Day. Day Of Darkness
    Green Carnation - A Blessing In Disguise
    Green Carnation - The Quiet Offspring
    Green Carnation - The Acoustic Verses
    Green Day - Kerplunk
    Green Day - Dookie
    Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction
    Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion I
    Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion II

    Helloween - Walls Of Jericho (Expanded Edition)
    Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys: Part 1
    Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys: Part 2
    Helloween - Pink Bubbles Go Ape
    Helloween - Chameleon
    Helloween - Master Of The Rings (Expanded Edition)
    Helloween - The Time Of The Oath (Expanded Edition)
    Helloween - Better Than Raw
    Helloween - Metal Jukebox
    Helloween - The Dark Ride
    Helloween - Rabbit Don't Come Easy
    Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy
    Helloween - Gambling With The Devil
    Helloween - 7 Sinners
    Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell
    Helloween - My God Given Right
    HIM - Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666
    HIM - Razorblade Romance
    HIM - Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights
    HIM - Love Metal
    HIM - Dark Light
    HIM - Uneasy Listening Vol. 1
    HIM - Uneasy Listening Vol. 2
    HIM - Venus Doom
    Hole - Celebrity Skin
    Hoobastank - Hoobastank

    Insane Clown Posse - Riddle Box
    Insane Clown Posse - The Great Milenko
    Insane Clown Posse - Forgotten Freshness Vol. 1 & 2
    Insane Clown Posse - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers
    Insane Clown Posse - Forgotten Freshness Volume 3
    In Flames - Clayman
    Into Eternity - Dead Or Dreaming
    Into Eternity - Buried In Oblivion
    Into Eternity - The Scattering Of Ashes
    Into Eternity - The Incurable Tragedy

    Jewel - Pieces Of You

    Kamelot - The Fourth Legacy
    Kamelot - Karma
    Kamelot - Epica
    Kamelot - The Black Halo
    Kamelot - Ghost Opera
    Kamelot - Poetry For The Poisoned
    Kannibalistik - Blood Thirsty
    Katatonia - The Great Cold Distance
    Kittie - Spit
    Kittie - Oracle
    Kittie - Until The End
    Kittie - Funeral For Yesterday
    Kittie - In The Black
    Kittie - I've Failed You
    Knuckle Tracks #10 - #52 (Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles CD Compilation)
    Knuckle Tracks #72 - #110 (Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles CD Compilation)
    Korn - Korn
    Korn - Follow The Leader
    Chantal Kreviazuk - Under These Rocks And Stones
    Chantal Kreviazuk - Colour Moving And Still
    Liv Kristine - Deux Ex Machina
    Liv Kristine - Enter My Religion

    Lacuna Coil - Lacuna Coil
    Lacuna Coil - In A Reverie
    Lacuna Coil - Unleashed Memories
    Lacuna Coil - Comalies
    Lacuna Coil - Karma Code
    Lacuna Coil - Shallow Life
    Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline
    Leaves' Eyes - Lovelorn
    Leaves' Eyes - Vinland Saga
    Leaves' Eyes - Legend Land
    Leaves' Eyes - Njord
    Leaves' Eyes - Meredead
    Led Zeppelin - Early Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume One
    Lilitu - The Delores Lesion
    Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
    Linkin Park - Meteora
    Live - Throwing Copper
    Lullacry - Be My God
    Lullacry - Crucify My Heart
    Lullacry - Vol. 4
    Lumsk - Asmund Fraegdegjevar
    Lunatica - Fables & Dreams
    Lunatica - The Edge Of Infinity

    Mares Of Thrace - The Moulting
    Marilyn Manson - Portrait Of An American Family
    Marilyn Manson - Smells Like Children
    Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar
    Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals
    Marilyn Manson - Holywood
    Marilyn Manson - The Golden Age Of Grotesque
    Marilyn Manson - Eat Me, Drink Me
    Holly McNarland - Stuff
    Megadeth - Capitol Punishment
    Merkabah - Shadows Never Forget
    Merkabah - The Realm Of All Secrets
    Merkabah - Ubiquity
    Metal Is Our Middle Name (CD Compilation)
    Metallica - Kill 'Em All
    Metallica - Ride The Lightning
    Metallica - Master Of Puppets
    Metallica - ...And Justice For All
    Metallica - Metallica
    Metallica - Live Shit Binge And Purge (Boxset)
    Metallica - Load
    Metallica - ReLoad
    Metallica - Garage Inc.
    Metallica - S&M
    Metallica - St. Anger
    Metallica - Death Magnetic
    Midnattsol - Where Twilight Dwells
    Midnattsol - Nordlys
    Midnattsol - The Metamorphosis Melody
    Misfits - American Psycho
    Missbehaviour (CD Compilation of Female Fronted Metal Bands)
    Moist - Silver
    Moist - Creature
    Moist - Mercedes Five And Dime
    Moonspell - Irreligious
    Moonspell - Sin / Pecado
    Mortal Kombat Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Musk Ox - Musk Ox
    My Dying Bride - The Angel And The Dark River
    My Dying Bride - The Light At The End Of The World
    My Dying Bride - Meisterwerk I

    Necramyth - Slaughter Of The Seoul
    Nightwish - Angels Fall First
    Nightwish - Oceanborn
    Nightwish - Wishmaster
    Nightwish - Over The Hills And Far Away
    Nightwish - Century Child
    Nightwish - Once
    Nightwish - Dark Passion Play
    Nightwish - Imaginaerum
    Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful
    Nirvana - Nevermind
    Nirvana - Incesticide
    Nirvana - In Utero
    Nirvana - Unplugged in New York
    No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom

    Oathean - Fading Away Into The Grave Of Nothingness
    The Offspring - Smash
    The Offspring - Ixnay On The Hombre
    The Offspring - Americana
    Opeth - Orchid
    Opeth - Morningrise
    Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse
    Opeth - Still Life
    Opeth - Blackwater Park
    Opeth - Deliverance
    Opeth - Damnation
    Opeth - Ghost Reveries
    Opeth - Watershed
    Opeth - Heritage
    Opeth - Pale Communion
    Orgy - Candyass
    Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard Of Ozz
    Ozzy Osbourne - Diary Of A Madman
    Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon
    Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin
    Ozzy Osbourne - No Rest For The Wicked
    Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears
    Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzmosis
    Ozzy Osbourne - Down To Earth
    Our Lady Peace - Clumsy

    Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power
    Papa Roach - Infest
    Perpetuate - Perpetuate
    Pink Floyd - The Wall
    Pink Floyd - Echoes: The Best Of Pink Floyd
    Platinum Blond - Seven Year Itch 1982-1989
    Poe - Hello
    P.O.D. - Satellite
    Poisonblack - Escapexstacy
    Poisonblack - Lust Stained Despair
    Poisonblack - A Dead Heavy Day
    Poisonblack - Of Rust And Bones

    Rammstein - Herzeleid
    Rammstein - Sehnsucht
    Rammstein - Mutter
    Rammstein - Reise, Reise
    Rammstein - Rosenrot
    Rhapsody - Legendary Tales
    Rhapsody - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
    Rhapsody - Dawn Of Victory
    Rhapsody - Power Of The Dragonflame
    Rhapsody - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II: The Dark Secret
    Rhapsody(Of Fire) - Triumph Or Agony
    Rhapsody(Of Fire) - The Frozen Tears Of Angels
    Rhapsody(Of Fire) - From Chaos To Eternity
    Roadrunner United - The All-Star Sessions

    Samael - Eternal
    Scorpions - Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years
    Scythia - ...Of War
    Scythia - ...Of Exile
    Scythia - For The Bear
    Sentenced - North From Here / Shadows Of The Past
    Sentenced - Amok / Love & Death
    Sentenced - Down
    Sentenced - Frozen
    Sentenced - Crimson
    Sentenced - The Cold White Light
    Sentenced - The Funeral Album
    Siebenburgen - Loreia
    Siebenburgen - Grimjaur
    Siebenburgen - Delictum
    Siebenburgen - Plagued Be Thy Angel
    Siebenburgen - Darker Designs & Images
    Siebenburgen - Revelation VI
    Silverchair - Frogstomp
    Silverchair - Freakshow
    Silverchair - Neon Ballroom
    Sinergy - Beware The Heavens
    Sinergy - To Hell And Back
    Sinergy - Suicide By My Side
    The Sins Of Thy Beloved - Lake Of Sorrow
    The Sins Of Thy Beloved - Perpetual Desolation
    Sirenia - At Sixes And Sevens
    Skid Row - 40 Seasons: The Best Of Skid Row
    Slipknot - Slipknot
    Slipknot - Iowa
    Slipknot - Vol. 3: The Subliminal Versus
    Sonata Arctica - Ecliptica
    Sonata Arctica - Silence
    Sonata Arctica - Winterheart's Guild
    Sonata Arctica - Reckoning Night
    Sonata Arctica - Unia
    Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union
    Soundgarden - Superunknown
    Soundgarden - Telephantasm
    Spawn - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time
    Britney Spears - Oops!... I Did It Again
    Spice Girls - Spice
    Spice Girls - Spice World
    Stabbing Westward - Wither, Blister, Burn & Peel
    Stabbing Westward - Darkest Days
    Stabbing Westward - Stabbing Westward
    Staind - Break The Cycle
    Stone Temple Pilots - Purple
    Svartsot - Ravnenes Saga

    Tarja - My Winter Storm
    The End Of Music As We Know It Vol. 1 (The End Records CD Compilation)
    The Tea Party - The Edges Of Twilight
    The Tea Party - Transmission
    Theatre Of Tragedy - Theatre Of Tragedy
    Theatre Of Tragedy - Velvet Darkness They Fear
    Theatre Of Tragedy - Aegis
    Theatre Of Tragedy - Musique
    Theatre Of Tragedy - Assembly
    Theatre Of Tragedy - Storm
    Thorr's Hammer - Dommedagsnatt
    Thrawsunblat - Canada 2010
    Thrawsunblat - Wanderer On The Continent Of Saplings
    Tomorrow's Demise - Yesterday's Demise 2004-2006
    Tristania - Widow's Weeds
    Tristania - Beyond The Veil
    Tristania - Midwinter Tears
    Tristania - World Of Glass
    Tristania - Ashes
    Tristania - Illumination
    Trivium - Ember To Inferno
    Trivium - Ascendancy
    Trivium - The Crusade

    Unisonic - Unisonic
    Unleash The Archers - Behold The Devastation
    Unleash The Archers - Demons Of The Astrowaste

    Vehemence - God Was Created
    Vehemence - Helping The World To See
    Vintersorg - Till Fjalls
    Vintersorg - Odemarkens Son
    Vintersorg - Cosmic Genesis
    Vintersorg - Visions From The Spiral Generator
    Vintersorg - The Focusing Blur
    Vintersorg - Solens Rotter
    Vintersorg - Jordpuls
    Vintersorg - Orkan
    Vintersorg - Naturbal
    Virgin Black - Sombre Romantic

    Within Temptation - The Heart Of Everything
    Wintersun - Wintersun
    Wintersun - Time I
    Wolven Ancestry - The Wrath Of Gaia
    Woods Of Ypres - Against The Seasons: Cold Winter Songs From The Dead Summer Heat (Original CD-R Demo)
    Woods Of Ypres - Against The Seasons: Cold Winter Songs From The Dead Summer Heat (2005 Re-Release)
    Woods Of Ypres - Pursuit Of The Sun & Allure Of The Earth
    Woods Of Ypres - Woods III: Deepest Roots And Darkest Blues
    Woods Of Ypres - Woods 4: The Green Album
    Woods Of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light
    Worm Ouroboros - Worm Ouroboros
    Worm Ouroboros - Come The Thaw


    Music DVD's
    Children Of Bodom - Chaos Ridden Years: Stockholm Knockout Live
    Cradle Of Filth - PanDaemonAeon
    Cradle Of Filth - Heavy Left-Handed And Candid
    Cradle Of Filth - Peace Through Superior Firepower
    HIM - Love Metal Archives Vol. 1
    Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night
    Nightwish - From Wishes To Eternity
    Nightwish - End Of An Era
    Opeth - Lamentations
    Rammstein - Lichtspielhaus
    Sentenced - Buried Alive