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Mai 24 2009, 17h51

On Snews last year, I remember clearly (surprisingly, even though basically all I visited there was the random threads... between Eva, Echo, Taylor, and anyone else that came in... and I) that there was a thread in The Clash related section, basically... to take Sandinista! down from a triple album to a more accessible album (...meaning, one disc, that's it). So basically, you get 70 minutes (if you're going by a normal CD these days...) or 45 minutes going by a normal vinyl record. I'll probably stick to a 70 minute CD rather than trying to shorten Sandinista! to 45 minutes.

Easily, I think, I can take out songs like... (or... all of the dubs)...
Mensforth Hill
Shepherd's Delight
Silicone on Sapphire
Version Pardner
Living in Fame
One More Dub

All the dubs are gone and I've lost... how many minutes?
24:35 (if my math is right...) so, I've gone from 144:29 to 120:34.
I'm still over 2 hours right now... so what else can I cut... so I guess I'll try to cut out songs that aren't even sung by Clash members.

Career Opportunities
If you want to here about Career Opportunities, methinks it's best to hear it from Joe, not from Mickey Gallagher's children.
I could try to cut out: Hitsville UK
but, to be honest, that is probably one of my favourite Clash songs so cutting that out makes no sense at this point.
The same goes for Lose this Skin
These lyrics though are better than the lyrics to Hitsville UK... this is tough though, Tymon Dogg's voice is odd, but so is Ellen Foley's.
But... if I were to have to choose, I think I'd choose Hitsville UK over Lose This Skin, so Lose This Skin is gone... I'll keep Hitsville UK though.

I've got down to 113:35. Sweet. Alright, keep going then...

Songs that aren't even written by The Clash...
Police on My Back, Junco Partner are worthy enough to keep, whereas stuff like If Music Could Talk is gone. I don't like it, etc. IMCT = DCT. 8-), there's gotta be at least someone who gets that. Anyway... Same with Look Here. When I first listened to Sandinista! last year January... I was like, 'Alright, good album...' Until Look Here came on and I was like... "What the fuck..."

107:35. Keep going...

Hm, there's a lot of songs on here, that, I don't know, seem to repeat certain themes (well of course, the majority of the lyrics came from Joe...)
Let's Go Crazy
This song reminds me of The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too from Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg. I think it's best to lose it. I don't know why I'm reminded of that song, I think it's the... mood of the song, rather than words or anything. But whatever. Taken off another 4:24.
And then, there's the two "rap" songs on the album... The Magnificent Sevenand Lightning Strikes (Not Once but Twice)... I don't know, I think the track to lose here would be Lightning Strikes... because it is only talking about NYC and the people/area around it, right? But... Mags 7 seems to hit on everything from... working, life, Karl Marx, Socrates, Nixon, and sucking up budgies. Mags 7 will have to stay cos it was like, in fact, the lead single off the album. So long Lightning Strikes... Another 4:51 gone.

99:00. 29 minutes moreeeee D:. Okay.

Now I'm just gonna start killing off songs I just... really don't like:

The Crooked Beat
"Dat crooked, crooked... BEAT!" Really, Paul? Really? - 5:29
Rebel Waltz
I've really never understood this song... I don't think it really fits in... - 3:32
Don't get it, don't know why I have to hear Maria Gallagher like, destroy The Guns of Brixton at the end... - 5:50
The Equaliser
Bye then. This song always reminds me of Hell W10, cos it's the first place I heard it, but still... it's not a great song other than WE DON'T WANT NO GANG BOSS, WE WANT TO EQUALISE. Although, God knows I don't know what that means... - 5:47
The Street Parade
Never really liked this one. I just don't get it... - 3:28
(Just for the record, I'm down to 75:22 now)

Great, I've got to start cutting out songs I like in favor of ones I like more. Here's what I have so far in my "Sandinista!"...

Mags 7
Junco Partner
Ivan Meets GI Joe
The Leader
Something About England
Somebody Got Murdered
One More Time
Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)
Corner Soul
The Sound of the Sinners
Police on My Back
Midnight Log
The Call Up
Washington Bullets
Charlie Don't Surf

Midnight Log is nothing really special to me. So I can cut that out, but that only means I lose 2:10. Meh. So that puts me at 73:12.
I'm not doing anymore. That already made me feel bad... It's actually painful to try to make a triple album to a single album... Jeeze. I just went from 36 songs to 15 songs.


  • peteisinnocent

    Forget it, I'm not editing this anymore. If I didn't list a song at all and it's not in the final thing, it got knocked off! ( Junkie Slip... and if I missed anything else...)

    Mai 24 2009, 18h05
  • peteisinnocent

    basically, i could've done that that way...

    Mai 25 2009, 4h33
  • brookswashere

    There is an awesome Sandinista cover album you might be interested in checking out.

    Jul 26 2009, 2h41
  • peteisinnocent

    The Sandinista! Project? That thing that they talked about on Snews?

    Ago 2 2009, 6h25
  • ChrisCappello

    The Equaliser is in the top five best songs on the album. What is this.

    Ago 17 2009, 19h27
  • peteisinnocent

    No gang boss no? Sorry, I'd prefer watching Hell W10 to hear that song than to listen to Sandinista! to hear it.

    Ago 18 2009, 0h17
  • petesntinnocent

    why do people hate lose this skin so much (apart from the voice) is a complete mystery to me.

    Ago 18 2009, 0h22
  • peteisinnocent

    i don't hate lose this skin... i can listen to it over and over again but for the sake of this i think i had to pick hitsville uk

    Ago 18 2009, 0h39
  • poorshakes

    There was an edited version of sandinista wasn't there? I like the challenge and I got stuck at 58 minutes. I couldn't work out what to chop next. here's what I came up with: The Magnificent Seven/Hitsville U.K./Junco Partner/Something About England/Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)/Corner Soul/Let's Go Crazy/If Music Could Talk/Police on My Back/The Equaliser/The Call Up/Washington Bullets/Charlie Don't Surf. Like Combat rock, its not just the number of tunes but the length of each that would need to be cut, ah well,

    Mai 13 2010, 11h51
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