100,000th scrobble extravaganza


Set 19 2010, 17h30

I DID IT! I've finally reached the 100,000th scrobble mark!!! To celebrate such an illustrous moment, I have compiled a list of landmark scrobbles with the help of the Greasemonkey Last.fm landmark script (Firefox), you can also use Kastuvas' online script.

Thanks to the script, I can say that I added 17,212 songs from my local library at sign up. To think that I lost the chance to scrobble three years of music makes my head want to spin. No need to dwell on stupid "Reset Library" decisions! Let's celebrate instead what we do have until there's a "do over" button for life.

Based on the script's calculation, my first official real time scrobble was The World Keeps Going Round by of Montreal on Sun Aug 26 2007. I kinda remember that day. It was a sunny afternoon, just like most summer days, I had a couple of weeks off from University and had absolutely nothing to do with my time. Ah, memories. I type this on a sunny September afternoon with nothing to do but a load of towels to laundry and an overloaded closet to arrange. Oh, life changes so much in three years! At this pace, my 200,000th scrobble celebration will be probably posted from my telepathic computer while sitting on my floating house terrace!

Without further ado, let's countdown the landmarks. First on increments of 5,000 then a quick countdown to 100,000 with a 1,000 scrobble increments.

Milestones from 20,000 to 100,000

20000: Nature Of The Experiment by Tokyo Police Club on Wed Oct 10 2007

25000: Frozen Feet by Tacks, the Boy Disaster on Wed Dec 05 2007

30000: The Perfect Me by Deerhoof on Thu Feb 28 2008

35000: Broken Lungs by Thrice on Thu May 15 2008

40000: Turn It Out by Death from Above 1979 on Sat Jun 28 2008

45000: Child at Arms by Xiu Xiu on Thu Aug 07 2008

50000: Darts of Pleasure by Franz Ferdinand on Mon Sep 22 2008

55000: Modern Romance by The Twilight Sad on Thu Nov 06 2008

60000: Forgiveness by Yeasayer on Thu Dec 25 2008

65000: The Birth and Death of the Day by Explosions in the Sky on Sat Feb 21 2009

70000: I'm Not Done by Fever Ray on Thu May 07 2009

75000: I Say Fever by Ramona Falls on Tue Aug 11 2009

80000: Wild Roses by Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions on Sun Nov 01 2009

85000: Falling From the Sun by The Album Leaf on Mon Feb 01 2010


90000: Shape Shifter by Local Natives on Mon Apr 12 2010

91000: Before Tigers by Health on Wed Apr 28 2010

92000: Lover of Mine by Beach House on Sat May 15 2010

93000: Ex-Cowboy by Mogwai on Tue Jun 01 2010

94000: Sleeping Beauty by Menomena on Wed Jun 16 2010

95000: Unoder by Under Byen on Mon Jul 05 2010

96000: Answer To Yourself by The Soft Pack on Thu Jul 22 2010

97000: Green Gloves by The National on Fri Aug 06 2010

98000: Doubt by The Corin Tucker Band on Tue Aug 24 2010

99000: Becoming a Jackal by Villagers on Mon Sep 06 2010

100000: Juveniles by The Walkmen on Sun Sep 19 2010

Fun with number patterns
Just because I can, let's look at repeated number tracks. Sadly no 11,111.

22222: This Thing by The Besnard Lakes on Sun Nov 04 2007

33333: Paranoid Android by Slaraffenland on Sat Apr 26 2008

44444: Panic by The Smiths on Sat Aug 02 2008

55555: Another one goes by by The Walkmen on Wed Nov 12 2008

66666: My Maudlin Career by Camera Obscura on Sun Mar 15 2009

77777: Velvet by The Big Pink on Fri Sep 25 2009

88888: Cubism Dream by Local Natives on Mon Mar 29 2010

99999: All Black And White by The Walkmen on Sun Sep 19 2010

Now I'll reheat some leftover take out food to celebrate...


  • pecusita

    Quick add-ups: According to the Million Track Counter, I will reach 200,000 on 13th of October 2013. I will be 30 years old(!!!) Then reach 500,000 tracks on 24th of December 2022, and the sweet 1 millionth scrobble on 22nd of April 2038. Let's hope there's still a last.fm then.

    Set 19 2010, 17h53
  • Babs_05

    Congratulations!! :D I was listening to The Walkmen today. Good band for a such a significant milestone.

    Set 19 2010, 18h52
  • heyadamo

    Yes, congrats! I've been pondering whether to d/l the new Walkmen or the new Blonde Redhead on emusic. I only have 18 credits so I can only get all of 1. Hmmmmm....but I am definitely *ahem* appropriating your idea when my 100,000th scrobble comes down the road.

    Set 19 2010, 20h56
  • pecusita

    Thanks! Been a long time coming, ever since I hit 99,000 I've been watching it like a hawk! WeeHe. @Adam, I am biased towards The Walkmen, obviously. :)

    Set 19 2010, 22h37
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