Errors - It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever


Mar 10 2009, 2h57

Errors - It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever

For the Weekly Album Appreciation Club

This band is indeed a creative and promising bunch. Some may over-think how to pigeon-hole their style but it could be describe with a simple , as it encompasses most of the elements used in their music: spiky synths, deep bass and rhythmic drum beats that create a rich but easy to follow pop sound.

Within the repetition of electronics and synths lie constant shifts in melody that keep the album feeling fresh. There are moments when it bursts with energy, most noticeably during the early tracks of Dance Music, Salut! France and Still Game. There are also darker tinges throughout the album that add - if one may say - more personality, as can be heard during National Prism and The Bagpipes.

The album has moments with different tones thanks to Toes, a song that follows much on the genre, where the energy of the album reaches a notable peak. It continues with a sound that closes more on the traditional / with Crystal Maze, which serves as a prelude to Cutlery Drawer, the sole moment where a human element is used through a voice-over that may be perceived at first as some blabbing, cold, mundane teenage story, but as it moves along it grows in tension, both in the music and narration, to become a more interesting track to be appreciated.

For a moment it picks up the energy as it returns to a trance-like, and even club friendly, song like Pump. Only to have it end in a more somber, reflective and at times haunting A Lot Of The Things You Don't Isn't, showcasing that this band has depth beyond the pop, danceable tunes and indeed deserve more attention in the years to come.


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