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Nov 22 2007, 0h48

I’ve been having some problems sleeping lately. One of the techniques I read online on how to get pass it is “listen to relaxing music”. In these couple of days that translates to The Besnard LakesVolume I and Sigur Rós - Ágætis byrjun. Got me thinking “are there any songs about sleep problems?” Sure there are

The Besnard Lakes - Deep, Desultory Dream
Just guessing from the title, since it’s an instrumental. The melodies are kind of desultory, shifting from time to time. Picking you up, never letting you down. Coming the other way around. Always reaching a high point, classic The Besnard Lakes, as far as I can tell. Like I said, Volume I is very calming in its progressivish post-rockish kind of style. Not boring in any way. I highly recommend it.

Godspeed You! Black EmperorSleep
It’s kind of sad the old man reminiscing the better days of Coney Island, remembering “they used to sleep on the beach, but that they don’t sleep anymore on the beach, things change”. After that it’s regular GY!BE 23-minutes-long song. Only them can get your attention for how long? Yeah, 23 minutes!

Starts off very calming, ambient like, melancholic in every note. When it starts picking up the intensity you know your 23 minutes will be worth it. Heck, if you are trying to fall sleep just toss a GY!BE cd and enjoy.

Grizzly BearLullabye
Not actually a Lullaby, but a Lulla-bye. Saying good bye in someone’s dreams seems like a cowards way to go, don’t you think? Still very soothing and calming. Can help you picture a nicer, more relaxing image soundtracked by the Grizzly Bear trademark: glorious harmonies.

”Glass of gin and a folding chair
Sitting out by the wading pool, chlorine blue
Rush of wind passing over me
Restless nights”

Jack JohnsonLullaby
From his Curious George soundtrack. Very calming, melodic, full of acoustic guitar, your average Jack Johnson song.

”When you’re so lonely lying in bed
Night’s closed it’s eyes but you can’t rest your head
Everyone’s sleeping all through the house
You wish you could dream but forgot to somehow
Sing this lullaby to yourself”

120 Days - Sleepless Nights #3
The guys at 120 Days seem to have my same problem, since they have another track called Sleepwalking. Just kidding, has nothing to do with actual sleeping, more like partying all night and not wanting to sleep.

It is yet another instrumental, I guess you don’t have much to write about if you can’t sleep. It’s kind of eclectic in a way, electronic whooshing and tuning instruments like sounds. It’s more of a preshow to the album ender, where all the sounds that seemed to make no sense take a more concise form. Still a suitable individual track for me to include in this playlist.

Team SleepNatalie Portman
Nothing sleepy about them, just the name. Still very trip hoppish enough.

A Perfect CircleLullaby
Seriously it is almost a lullaby, almost creepy whispering “Go back to sleep” like three times, over industrial-like music, then a vocalist that sounds female comes over to soothe you into sleep. If you read the cd booklet you’d see it’s actually Jeordie White (a.k.a. Twiggy Ramirez). Hmmm, thinking about it. DO NOT listen to this track before going to bed, you may dream of Maynard in his blue body paint suit and Twiggy in his ghost-like Marilyn Manson days with lots of black eye liner!

Metallica - Enter Sandman
Oh. the smell of a classic. If you listen to this you’d probably get way more agitated and will welcome dawn with a pair of red eyes with veins popping out, like in the cartoons.

Third Eye BlindNarcolepsy
You could probably welcome this track with open arms if it were to happen to you, although if you’d seen the movie “Rat Race” you wouldn’t want to! As the track says the polar opposite to ones problems. Ahhh… the sounds of favorite bands past.

"I try to keep awake
But I, I can feel this narcolepsy slide
Into another nightmare

And there's a demon in my head who starts to play
A nightmare tape loop of what went wrong yesterday
And I hold my breath 'till it's more than I can take
And I close my eyes and dream that I'm awake"

Forgot... if you people - who are out there reading this lines - know of more songs about sleep problems please add them in the comments. That's all :)


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