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Out 27 2007, 4h03

So this week's number song in my local rock station was Feist's 1,2,3,4. Got me thinking two things: "boy, do I wish for Broken Social Scene to be this popular" and what others "indie" artist have the potential to make it big on the mainstream.

So I decided to take a look at Last.fm Top Artist charts, pick some bands and try to match them to a less popular equal with stardom potential. Not necessarily comparing them musically, although some may be valid, just comparing them in terms of their position within pop music. Also some wishful thinking may have gotten into this list... well, it's all wishful thinking at this point.

Animal Collective, the new Radiohead
Back when Radiohead released Kid A, it was their weirdest album to date, and it still got them to the superstardom status. Afterwards they became "everyone's favorite alternative band", sort of a more melodic Björk. I even remember movie stars praising them; I think it was Jennifer Aniston. At that point, reality had set in.

With Strawberry Jam, Animal Collective has released, arguably, their most accessible record to date, without sacrificing their unique style. So my vote goes to AC, to be "everyone's favorite alternative band", anytime now. The though actually inspired me to make this list.

Tracks to support this:
For Reverend Green
Leaf House
We Tigers

St. Vincent, a lovely Feist
A charming, talented female singer-sonwriter with a lovely voice and good songs to back it up? Sure that's Feist, but it's also St. Vincent, a.k.a. Annie Clark. It could also be My Brightest Diamond, a.k.a. Shara Worden, but I'd put my money on St. Vincent. My Brightest Diamond and Joan as Police Woman may lack the catchiness that St. Vincent shows in her songs.

Tracks to support this:
Paris Is Burning
Now. Now.
The Apocalypse Song

Grizzly Bear beats out Coldplay any day of the week
When Coldplay came to the attention of the world and was label “the best band in the world” in like less than two years, it all seemed rushed. Were they even worthy of that huge of a tag over their heads? Sure they spurred lots of acts trying to replicate their sound: Keane, Embrace, The Fray, etc… the list goes on. I don’t think it’s fair to label anyone with “the best” tag, I sure no one would appreciate it.

So who’s got the sweet melodies, dramatic build-ups and haunting songs to take over? Grizzly Bear does. They do all these things better and bigger than Coldplay ever has. Their songs could touch you in a deeper way, their sound is richer and far more emotional.

All Grizzly Bear lacks is a couple of “rocking songs”, like Shiver or Politik. But then again, this is not about copying anyone. They are not even alike!

Grizzly Bear has their own special qualities that make them worthy of high praises. They even mix it up with the best harmonizing I’ve heard in my life!

Tracks to support this:
Central and Remote
On a Neck, On a Spit

I’ve got other bands to put on this list, but I’m afraid that if I jammed it all up in one article it would lose meaning. So I’d be posting more of my thoughts the following week. Plus I’m getting kind of tired of writing.


  • motionpicture

    I'm so with you on all of these.. as long as Animal Collective only become everyone's second favourite alternative band :p

    Out 29 2007, 9h00
  • pecusita

    heheehee, nice to see someone is reading this stuff. :) Last.fm needs a Viewed X times stat for journal entries. I mean just because no one comments doesn't mean they haven't read it. I read a lot of stuff and I've never commented on anyone's journal.

    Out 31 2007, 1h42
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