• .08 Listen to this! [#2]

    Ago 13 2007, 21h13

    As a continuation of my first journal entry ever on here, here are the songs I can't stop listening to lately:

    - Back to Black (I've pretty much been addicted to Amy Winehouse lately [no pun intended]; say what you will.)
    - Do Me a Favour
    - My Eyes
    - Honeybear
    - Escape The Nest
    - I Can't Decide
    - Terror!
    - Talking With Fireworks/Here, It Never Snowed
    - What Ever Happened?

    I pretty much demand that you give all of those songs a listen. I feel an album review coming up, as well; I'm just not sure which album I want to review yet.
  • .07 Top Ten Arists [survey]

    Jul 7 2007, 18h55

    1. Coldplay
    2. Travis
    3. The Perishers
    4. Massive Attack
    5. Jack Johnson
    6. Snow Patrol
    7. Radiohead
    8. Kashmir
    9. Andrew Bird
    10. Nine Inch Nails

    1. What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    Honestly, I'm not sure, but I know that it was F-Stop Blues that had me absolutely hooked.

    2. What is your favourite album of 2?
    Their newest album, The Boy With No Name, is quite spectacular but 12 Memories was rather groundbreaking for them.

    3. What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
    Well all these times
    They come and go
    Alone don't seem so long
    Over 10 years have gone by
    We cant rewind
    We're locked in time
    But you're still mine

    Do you remember?

    4. How many times have you seen 4 live?
    Never. :'(

    5. What is your favourite song by 7?
    How to Disappear Completely is my most listened to track by them in iTunes so I'll go with that one.

    6. What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
    Wow, um, that'd be some dirty memories. Actually, I will always remember finding a t-shirt for The Downward Spiral album at a thrift store when I was in middle school.

    7. Is there a song by 3 that makes you sad?
    Almost all of their songs are truly sad, but Nothing Like You and I really pulls on my heart strings, probably because I relate it a lot to Doctor Who (Doctor and Rose.)

    8. What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?
    And I'll never get into your heart
    Though I don't even want to start
    I'll never get into your heart
    I'm just happy to hang around

    9. What is your favourite song by 9?
    Right now, I could listen to Spare-Ohs over and over again.

    10. How did you get into 3?
    I heard Sway somewhere and then found that album and then another and that, as they say, is histrionics. ;-)

    11. What was the first song you heard by 1?
    Coldplay had me at Yellow. Yes, I was there from the beginning.

    12. What is your favourite song by 4?
    Future Proof.

    14. What is a good memory you have concerning 2?
    I used to watch VH1 a lot in the morning before I went to school (middle) and I remember Why Does It Always Rain on Me? being popular at that point, and I loved it.

    15. Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad?
    Ether is probably the saddest song of theirs, in my eyes.

    16. What is your favourite album of 5?
    As a whole, In Between Dreams is probably my favorite.

    17. What is your favourite lyric that 3 has sung?
    We spent some time
    together crying
    Spent some time just trying
    to let each other go
    I held your hand so
    very tightly
    And told you what I would be
    dreaming of

    18. What is your favourite song of 1?
    Since you're making me... I guess I'd have to say Low, although See You Soon (live) really chokes me up.

    19. What is your favourite song of 10?
    Recently it's been The Great Destroyer.

    20. How many times have you seen 8 live?
    I haven't, and I probably never will. :(

    21. What is your favourite album of 1?
    X&Y. Their albums improve each time.

    22. What is a great memory you have considering 9?
    Oh god, the night of my life. I was front row and I got some amazing videos and photos. Andrew awed the entire place.

    23. What was the first song you heard by 8?
    I'm pretty sure I got the entire No Balance Palace album at one time, so Kalifornia was probably the first song of theirs I heard, seeing as how it's the first track of the album.
  • .06 Bands I've Seen Live

    Mar 15 2007, 19h49

  • .05 Gig: Explosions in the Sky, Eluvium, Monitor (3/12/06)

    Mar 13 2007, 3h53

    Mon 12 Mar – Explosions in the Sky, Eluvium

    We got there when the doors opened and had a nice look around. For those who don't know, The Alcazar is a pretty odd (but interesting) venue. It's part of an old hotel and they renovated a lot of it. The bands actually perform at the bottom of what used to be a massive inside pool. It made for interesting acoustics - I'll talk about that later.

    So, anyway, first-up: Monitor.

    They were quite good. Heavier than Explosions, but still a post-rock type of band. (All the bands were instrumental, by the way.) The drummer was pretty damn good and the guitarist was crazy into the music. All kinds of things I love to see for an opening band. I looked for their stuff where the merch was but didn't see any stuff for them.

    Next-up: Eluvium.

    Matthew Cooper, you genius. Eluvium, really, is a one-man show. Cooper does the whole thing. He sits down the entire time, messing with various buttons and things, plays the piano sometimes, etc. He's more ambient than the other bands which was nice. I was expecting it so I wasn't disappointed. By the time he hit the stage, I had returned with my beer and half-way through his set I thought I might fall asleep... which is a definite compliment.

    At one point, he was making this synthesized noise that was just bouncing off the walls and, like I mentioned before, the acoustics were crazy; I swear, when he did that (whatever it was), all I could feel were the vibrations and all I could hear was that noise.

    When he started playing Prelude for Time Feelers, I thought I would die. It's my favorite song I've heard of his and really touches me. He played it flawlessly.

    Finally: Explosions in the Sky.

    Poor guys. They had a marvelous introduction but then one of their amps crapped out on them. This started going on for a bit, so Cooper came in and played about two pieces on the piano which was pretty awesome. Nice way of calming down the crowd. ;-)

    Once they got started, they were unforgettable. I've never seen a band get so into their music when they performed before. Michael James, bassist/guitarist, really stood out to me. At one point he had gone at his bass so intensely that he had it by the neck, pointing it up in the air, resting on his knee/leg, and the strap had come off - so he was the only one left to hold onto it until the song ended.

    I can't remember all they played but I do remember the following songs:

    I wish I could talk more about their setlist, but it's hard to distinguish between the songs, honestly. When there aren't any lyrics, I get confused, apparently.

    Overall, a great night out and a fantastic concert. All the bands put everything they had into their performances and it really showed. Go see these guys live, especially Explosions in the Sky, if you ever get a chance. They're headlining for a reason.
  • .04 Generic Music Survey

    Fev 12 2007, 5h42

    [Grabbed from nost_nenime]

    1. What are you listening to right now?

    2. What song makes you sad?

    3. What is the most annoying song in the world?
    Right now, the one song I can think of is You're Beautiful. God, he should fuck off and die.

    4. Your all time favorite band?

    5. Your newly discovered band is?
    Kashmir! OMG!

    6. Best female voice?
    Oh man, I guess the best one I can think of right now is Alison Goldfrapp of Goldfrapp. I'd do her and make her sing while we made dirty, sweet love.

    7. Best male voice?
    So many great ones, but one that always stands out to me is Andrew Bird. It's so unique and so very Bird.

    8. Music type you find yourself listening to most?
    Indie rock.

    9. What do you listen to, to hype you up?
    Muse is always good for that.

    10. What do you listen to, to calm down?
    Damien Rice, Alexi Murdoch, The Perishers, this list could really go on forever.

    11. Last gig/concert you went to?
    She Wants Revenge concert last semester.

    12. Band you find yourself listening to the most right now?

    13. Most hated band?
    Eugh, there are a couple.

    14. Song that makes you think?
    Erm, a lot of them.

    15. Band that you think the world should love as much as you do?
    Coldplay. People dismiss them.

    16. Coolest music video?
    I'm not much into music videos.

    17. Music video with the most babe watch?

    18. What do you play/would you play in the bedroom to spice things up?
    Goldfrapp, Nine Inch Nails, VAST, and many other artists who write really hot, dirty music.

    19. Can you play a musical instrument?
    Guitar, yes. Hoping to really learn the keyboard one day.

    20. Ever been in a mosh pit?
    Not really.

    21. Are you in a band?

    22. If yes, what kind of music does your band play and what is your role in it?
    Nooooot in a bad.

    23. Ever dated a musician?

    24. If yes, what kind of music did he/she/they play/instrument/band?
    This isn't annoying at all.

    27. If no, would you consider?
    Uh... hell yes. Those men KNOW how to use their hands.

    28. Do you wish yourself that you were a musician?
    I am.

    29. Best chick band you know of?
    A chick band? I don't like this question.

    30. Best guy band you know of?
    Same for this one. Seriously, what determines this!?

    31. Last song that you heard on the radio?
    I think a Stone Temple Pilots song was on.

    32. What do you think of Classical music?
    I enjoy it when I'm in the mood.

    33. What do you think of Country music?
    Uh, no. The closest I get to that is Ryan Adams, and he is the man.

    34. What do you think of Death metal?
    Eh, no.

    35. Last BIG band that you saw live?
    BIG as in... that's dirty. I'm not a stalker groupie.

    36. Are you a groupie?
    Holy balls, that was weird.

    37. Do you listen to music in foreign languages?
    Sometimes, yes. German and Danish, mostly.

    38. What famous musician would you like to have sex with?
    Ohhh this list is too long. And that's what she said.

    39. Worst concert moment?
    None, really.

    40. Funny Concert moment?

    41. Sad Concert moment?
    None yet.

    42. Best local act you can think of?
    Plunge was pretty fun and awesome.

    43. If you were a musical instrument what would you be?
    Acoustic guitar.

    44. Do you listen to the radio?
    Not really.

    45. Do you watch music TV?

    46. Do you follow the music charts, like the top 40?
    Only every once in awhile on my mp3 site.

    47. Have you met any famous musicians?
    A couple guys from Buckcherry, a loooong time ago.

    48. Are any of your friends/family etc musicians?
    My dad plays/played guitar. That's about it.

    49. Song that best describes your feelings right now?
    Whatever I'm listening to is where I'm at.

    50. Song that describes your life?
    There is no all-encompassing song for my life.

    51. Do you know the names of all the band members that you listen to?
    If I really dig 'em, yeah.

    52. Does a musician’s physical attractiveness play a role in the music that you listen to?
    No. A lot of times I try to never find out what they look like. I don't really care.

    53. What famous musician do you want to marry?
    Andrew Bird can have my babies.

    54. Favorite movie sound track?
    Oh man, right now, it's all about Clint Mansell's score for 'The Fountain.' AMAZING.

    55. Any musician pet hates?

    56. What do your parents listen to?
    Rock music mostly.

    57. What are you listening to right NOW?
    Deep Honey

    58. Do you wear band etc T-shirts?
    Yep. I have one for Coldplay, She Wants Revenge, Snow Patrol, and Bloc Party. I think that's all I have though.

    59. What do you think of people who do?
    It depends on how good the band is. ;-)

    60. What music sub-culture do you feel like you belong to?
    I guess the indie underground. I'm definitely in that "not fitting into any one particular sound" kind of thing.

    61. What song is stuck in your head right now?

    62. Do you sing in the shower?
    If the mood strikes.

    63. If so, what? If not, why not?
    I'll sing whatever is in my head. When I'm not singing, it's probably because I shower when I've just woken up and my mind isn't ready for much of anything yet.

    64. Would you rather marry a musician or be one yourself?
    Be one myself, I suppose.

    65. What is in your walkman/discman right now?
    Walkman?? DISCMAN?! LOL. iPod!! So... everything is in it right now.

    66. How important is your partners taste in music to you?
    Actually, I think it's pretty important.

    67. Hanson moves in next door to you, do you go introduce yourself, or do you arrange to beat them up?
    I make fun of them all the time behind their backs. It's fun and I'm immature.

    68. Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll, you dig?

    69. Do you cook to music?
    You're assuming I cook.

    70. Do you sing in the toilet?
    I don't think so.
  • .03 iTunes Survey!

    Fev 7 2007, 4h47

    Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud and press play. Use the song titles as your answers. NO CHEATING!

    How does the world see me?
    Track: Finish It
    Artist: Clint Mansell
    Comment: Oh my. That's, uh, that's harsh.

    Will I have a happy life?
    Track: Atoms for Peace
    Artist: Thom Yorke
    Comment: Well, yay, something nicer. Thanks, Thom! I knew I could always trust you.

    What do my friends really think of me?
    Track: Children of the Revolution
    Artist: Ewan McGregor
    Comment: Ha. I PWN.

    Do people secretly lust after me?
    Track: Honky Tonk Women
    Artist: Taj Mahal & James Cotton
    Comment: This played during a House episode while he was in his apartment being sexy, so I'm going to take this as a "hell yes!"

    How can I make myself happy?
    Track: All Of Your Love
    Artist: Hellogoodbye
    Comment: Listening to Hellogoodbye generally makes me a little happier, so I guess that makes sense.

    What should I do with my life?
    Track: Hospital Beds
    Artist: Cold War Kids
    Comment: I... lol. There are no words for how much iTunes hates me, apparently. I think it wants me dead.

    Why should life be full of so much pain?
    Track: Everybody Here Wants You
    Artist: Jeff Buckley
    Comment: And that would cause me pain how, exactly?

    How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
    Track: Lemon Meringue
    Artist: Poe
    Comment: That's awfully kinky.

    Will I ever have children?
    Track: Black Cherry
    Artist: Goldfrapp
    Comment: Um. Erm. I'm grinning like an idiot because that's just beyond hilarious. How many ways could I possibly take that?!

    Will I die happy?
    Track: Unconditional
    Artist: The Bravery
    Comment: Seems I shall.

    What is some good advice for me?
    Track: We Are the Champions
    Artist: Queen
    Comment: Indeed, iTunes. Indeed.

    What is happiness?
    Track: Simple X
    Artist: Andrew Bird

    What is my favorite fetish?
    Track: Sober
    Artist: Muse
    Comment: Hi, my name is...

    How will I be remembered?
    Track: Everybody Wants to Rule the World
    Artist: Tears for Fears
    Comment: I knew that world domination was the career path I should have chosen!
  • .02 Review: Kashmir - No Balance Palace

    Fev 3 2007, 7h03

    I've thought that doing a review of an album I'm really digging would be a good idea. Fun, maybe? Well, I think so. It gives me a good excuse to listen to an album I really love and then gush about it. So, let's start with one of my favorite bands right now [maybe of all-time.] Seriously, amazing band.

    Kashmir's latest album, No Balance Palace:

    01 Kalifornia
    I love a song that opens up nicely, then when it actually gets into the song, it's got a completely different feel to it. If pulled off well, you feel yourself bopping your head when the guitars kick in - like this song. Then Kasper (singer and lead guitarist) comes in with an extremely pleasant voice. It could almost be mainstream but it's too unique for that. Kasper's lyrics feel very personal, even in this song with fragmented thoughts for lyrics. When he kicks in with "restless, restless" for the chorus, I can't stop my legs from moving to the music. He ends the song with an angsty optimism and I'm all about that.

    02 Jewel Drop
    For some reason, I find myself forgetting about this song and how amazing it is. The beginning pulls me in with a great bit of guitar from Kasper. The guitar stops and the bass and drums take over, which is a nice change-up that pushes the song forward. The chorus is catchy and easy to remember with simple but powerful lyrics: "let's turn it 'round / break ceilings down / and fall in love again." I really love the guitar riff throughout this song, especially the buildup to the chorus.

    03 The Cynic (feat. David Bowie)
    Okay, honestly, you can't go wrong with a bit of Bowie, can you? One of the heavier songs on the album, it's got another great guitar riff. Kasper's voice is a bit high, I wasn't overly keen on it at first, but I grew quite fond of it. (He actually sings deeper in live versions of this song.) The chorus is god damned catchy: "play with me, play with me / don't tell me how it feels / don't let it be for real / don't tell me how you feel." And the guitar straight after that brings in the beginning, which is catchy, as well. After the first chorus, Bowie sings a verse and it's a wonderful addition to Kashmir's sound. A fun track to air-guitar to.

    04 Ophelia
    One of my favorites on the album. The opening guitar is gorgeous and somehow very melancholy. When Kasper starts singing, all I want to do is listen to what he has to say and he doesn't disappoint with poignant lyrics like usual: "but the long frozen stare / shooting holes in stagnant air / sends me off to die / waltzing out through your clouds / and I know there is no doubt / Venus is your star." The guitar directly after the short chorus is really quite astounding and I find myself humming it throughout the day after one listen to this song. Kasper continues to slay with lyrics: "you're the pebble in my shoe / and the beauty in my view." Guh. With the combination of powerful lyrics and very well-composed guitar, this song slays me.

    05 Diana Ross
    Just a 30 second track that serves as an interlude between songs. Held guitar chords and some synthetic noises that remind me of Engima.

    06 The Curse of Being a Girl
    This is the song you'd probably expect to be the first single off the album. It's very mainstream-sounding. Not bad, but not hugely unique. Its guitar and beat doesn't stand out to me like other songs on the album. Not a bad track, but nothing fantastic. I enjoyed this song more after watching Kasper perform it as a slower, solo piece:

    But maybe that's just because I like to stare at Kasper and watch him sing while he plays his pretty guitar.

    07 She's Made of Chalk
    The beat from the beginning is promising, then the bass has a standout riff that is placed throughout the song very well with the lyrics and I'm hooked. The buildup to the chorus is fantastic and then when it crescendos with guitar, I want to jump in the air and come back down to perform my best air guitar you've ever seen. I'm a sucker for good lyrics being sung very closely to the beat of a song; thank you, Kashmir. At one point, we get some well-placed claps to go along with some great lyrics: "look in the mirror, there’s still good news / don’t need the make up / you won’t look used / can’t wake the dead up / no what you need / is just a bar and some debauchery." Anyone who can use "debauchery" in a song and make me go 'oooh, okay' is a very good. It's fitting and naughty. I like it. At one point, the song seems like it's going to stop but it continues with that drum beat and a bit of help from simple keyboard. Kasper starts singing again and there's one lyric I can never get out of my head: "more white than the holy saints / but not quite immune to his black malaise." I like the ending of this song, too - the guitar screeches for a bit, then the music just stops. Another favorite of mine from the album.

    08 Ether
    I. Love. This. Bloody. Song. The beat is so melancholic, as is Kasper's voice. The lyrics are gorgeous. Just... download this. Find it. Somehow!

    09 Snowman
    Not my favorite on the album. The lyrics are mediocre and the beat isn't anything to get too excited about. The reason I listen to this song is because I've simply fallen in love with the band because of other songs. The beat is the same and kind of dull throughout until it gets towards the end of the song, there's a bit of a change-up which is slightly refreshing but not enough to make me stop from skipping this song most of the time.

    10 Black Building (feat. Lou Reed)
    This is just a distortion of sounds with Lou Reed talking, telling a creepy story about a creepy guy living in a creepy house. It's... creepy. Sort of reminds me of Poe's Haunted album.

    11 No Balance Palace
    Creepy opening, thanks to previous song, but it brightens up relatively quickly with a fun bass line and some sunny-sounding guitar strokes. A mellow song at the beginning. It's 8 minutes long and a bit fragmented. We have one sound, the song almost stops at about 4 minutes and picks up another beat and sound. It mellows back out again at the end with another completely different sound. I guess "no balance" really fits this song, but I'm not sure why they felt inclined to give the album the same name as this song.

    12 Supergirl
    Very catchy. It starts off with an "eh" beat but as it progresses, it gets much better and the lyrics work well with the music. The breakdown in this song is really quite amazing; we get some great bass with a break from the traditional beat of the song and it goes into even more of a break as Kasper sings in a lulled voice: "Just don't regret a thing / Cause I don't regret a thing." It goes back to the beginning beat, but it's a refreshing song that's fun and has a catchy beat.

    13 She's Made Of Chalk - 2
    This is a slightly different version of the first song (minus the "- 2"), but the guitar is a bit rougher - it almost sounds like it's from a demo. It's not as polished as the first song, but it's still as fantastic. It's nice to see how a song, despite not being polished and "perfect" is still quite amazing.


    Overall, this album is amazing. Just these 13 songs made me fall in love with this band. It doesn't happen to this extent very often and when it does, it's serious. This band and album, in particular, has a fascinating, unique sound that combines melancholy and fun in a way that really works. It's got a song for every mood and if you feel sad and listen to one track, the next track could bring you right back up.

    I guess I should've just said: Get this album. Now.
  • .01: Listen to this!

    Dez 30 2006, 4h44

    I've decided to start doing "I recommend this song/artist" entries on here. I might as well use my journal, right?

    So, this past week I've been having these songs on repeat:
    - Ophelia
    - Your Hand in Mine (Goodbye)
    - Prelude for Time Feelers
    - Death Is the Road to Awe
    - Bedtime Now
    - You're the Storm
    - Doomsday
    - Song for You
    - Hurt

    Have you ever had the feeling that something was just larger than you could imagine? Larger than life? [I know it sounds trite.] These tracks make me remember how much else there is beyond my world.