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PBK - Music experimentalist since 1986 working in the area of electroacoustic noise-ambient. Active in the 80's U.S. cassette underground, later having projects released on vinyl and CD.

Collaborated with a wide range of international experimental musicians including Nocturnal Emissions, Wolf Eyes, Asmus Tietchens, Jarboe, Aube, Vidna Obmana and many more.

Latest releases:

PBK - UNDER MY BREATH, 2009 (Waystyx, Russia)

Collaborating with some of the most brilliant experimental musicians from around the world, PBK has created a work of exceptional depth and complexity. "Under My Breath" is an abstract contemplation on post 9/11 paranoia in the U.S. Most of the album was created in 2004, during the height of the Bush administration's crackdown on human rights via the Patriot Act. The resulting album reveals a new vernacular for dark ambient isolationist music and is an important key to understanding PBK's ambitions in the world of sound. Seeking expression through the use of drones, natural or man-made acoustic sounds, digital glitching and turntable noise, the effect is one of surrealist juxtaposition, not jarring, but totally organic sounding, that can be listened to and savored in an intellectual way. The distinguished guests on this album are Nocturnal Emissions, Wolf Eyes, Brume, Aube, John Wiggins, Tore H. Boe, Artificial Memory Trace, Dale Lloyd, and C. Reider. Released in a limited edition of 500 copies. CD available from Waystyx Records

PBK: "When I began this project I wanted to create a reflection, not about the actual events of the day of 9/11, but about what happened after that, with the U.S. administration clamping down on human rights, privacy and self-expression. The main control utilized by any government is "fear" as it relates to personal safety. We see this quite clearly in the U.S. since the events of 9/11. They turn huge populaces into quivering paranoiacs through media saturation and cold-war tactics. So came this idea that if anything were to be said out loud that was contrary to the "approved" line of thinking, that it would have to be said secretly, quietly, or "under the breath", so it could not be heard by the authorities of such agencies who might consider it to be potentially harmful to the status quo, and thus take action to shut it down, or quiet the thought. The poetry of Ms. Anne Waldman, which I used with her permission to develop the titles of these pieces, was the essential key and cemented the concept for this project."

Govt. Alpha /PBK-"Auditory Hallucination Of Drowsy Afternoon" on the Xerxes label (Japan), PBK-"Retro" 3CD boxset on Waystyx and PBK/Telepherique-"Noise-Ambient Connection" on Monochrome Vision, both labels based in Moscow.

Sound Genetic (net label)

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