Favorite Low Songs by Album


Jan 17 2012, 21h57

Further proving that I'm addicted to lists, I'm moving on to list my favorite songs by Low.

I Could Live in Hope (1994):
Favorite Song: Words
"Three inches above the floor/Man in the box wants to burn my soul/and I'm tired..."
Runners Up: Lullaby, Cut, Rope
Least Favorite: Sunshine

Long Division (1995):
Favorite Song: Shame
"A long time you waited/You thought it had abated/Shame of it all..."
Runners Up: Alone, Below & Above, Throw Out the Line
Least Favorite: Streetlight

The Curtain Hits The Cast (1996):
Favorite Song: Do You Know How To Waltz
"One more step/and then we'll turn and face the debt/One more reason to forget..."
Runners Up: Over the Ocean, Standby, Anon
Least Favorite: Laugh

Secret Name (1999):
Favorite Song: Don't Understand
"And drag you to town/Treat you just like a son/Alone in the house/Did they teach you to run?/I don't understand..."
Runners Up: Will the Night, I Remember, Home
Least Favorite: Immune

Things We Lost In the Fire (2001):
Favorite Song: July
"They'll never wake us in time/they'll never wake us in time/maybe we'll wait till July/then August.../September.../October.../November.../or December..."
Runners Up: Whitetail, In Metal, Dinosaur Act
Least Favorite: Laser Beam

Trust (2002):
Favorite Song: Time Is The Diamond
"Got a weak pair of lungs/from a childhood disease/will it ever come clean/Well alright, alright, alright..."
Runners Up: John Prine, Little Argument With Myself, Tonight
Least Favorite: In the Drugs

The Great Destroyer (2005):
Favorite Song: Pissing
"I can't see/Sing the darker of/Pissing on my toes/Knowing what I know/I know..."
Runners Up: Silver Rider, California, Monkey
Least Favorite: Just Stand Back

Drums and Guns (2007):
Favorite Song: Breaker
"It's just a shame/My hand just kills and kills/There's got to be an end to that..."
Runners Up: Murderer, Violent Past, Belarus
Least Favorite: Hatchet

C'mon (2011):
Favorite Song: Especially Me
"'Cause if we knew where we belong/there'd be no doubt where we're from/but as it stands, we all need the truth/especially me, and probably you/probably you, probably you, definitely you..."
Runners Up: Majesty/Magic, Try to Sleep, Nothing But Heart
Least Favorite: Done


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