• Cancelled!

    Fev 23 2008, 12h07

    Fri 19 Oct – BONE-THUGS-n-HARMONY
    They didn't come. Bummer!!!! :S

    Hopefully soon!
  • 50.000 and my girl is calling me crazy!

    Nov 6 2007, 22h04

    Yes people. I’ve reached the 50.000 played songs on My girl and almost wife (31st of December) is calling me crazy. I’m always listening to music, but 50.000 in 2.5 years? Damn that’s a lot.
    Let’s me put some numbers here;
    •I began on 26 July of 2005. So today on 6 November 2007 it’s 834 days that I’m on
    •That means that I’ve listened to 50.000 songs on my pc in 834 days so that’s almost 60 songs a day. Incredible!!!!!!
    So I have to say that I have to give my girl some credit. But I will still go on listing to my music on my pc and I-pod.
    Some other facts:
    Nr. 50.000 is Keith SweatFeels So Good

    My overal top 10 songs at this time is:
    1. Pete Philly & Perquisite – Eager 35
    2. Matisyahu – King Without a Crown 32
    3. Juanes – La Camisa Negra27
    3. Johan – Oceans 27
    5. Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow 25
    5. Mariah Carey – We Belong Together 25
    7. John Legend – Ordinary People 24
    7. Michael Jackson – Thriller 24
    7. Boris – Holy Pleasure 24
    10.Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry on Their Own 23

    My Overal top 10 artist:
    1. Pete Philly & Perquisite 531
    2. Snoop Dogg 396
    3. Anthony B 387
    4. Sizzla 377
    5. Manu Chao 336
    6. 2Pac 335
    7. Maná 320
    8. Shakira 280
    9. Michael Jackson 279
    10. R. Kelly 278
    10. Jamiroquai 278

    And for now I will keep on playing great song. Lets see if there is a lt of changes at 60.000.
  • Lucky Dube. Another hero gone.

    Out 28 2007, 21h51

    Today I heard Lucky Dube is no more with us:

    Lucky Dube was slain in an attempted hijacking in Rosettenville in Johannesburg on 18 oktober, at approximately 8pm, whilst dropping off his children at a family members house.

    Although Lucky attempted to escape the scene, he had been fatally wounded from the hijacker’s attempt to steal his motor vehicle, and he died almost instantly.
    Senseless and random, the death of Lucky Dube leaves a great void in the music industry, as 25 years of music suddenly ends in tragedy.

    South African born but globally revered, Lucky Dube was one of the country’s most toured and beloved artists ever. His music touched millions around the world, primarily through his 22 recorded albums - in Zulu, English and even Afrikaans - many of which have been record breakers with phenomenal sales from around the globe.

    As a frontline artist in the reggae genre, Lucky's creativity and inventiveness kept growing.
    Compelling in his musicianship and intriguing in his lyrical content, Lucky's sonic daring to take his genre to new heights never failed to amaze even the most ardent fans, whilst reigning in new devotees to his magic every day.

    Lucky Dube
    Lucky Dube Homepage

  • Up early in the morning ....

    Mai 6 2007, 4h40

    Damn. It's 5.30 and I already came out of the shower.
    And know I feel great, but when my alarm went , it was another story.

    5 O'Clock. Alarm was ringing. Getting out of bed and to the shower.
    Shaving because my girlfriend is coming back from Washington DC and I have to pick her up. No problem only it's to damn early. The song "Dead Homies" from Ice Cube is sounding in my head. Life is hard right now.

    5.30 What do I hear. It's Shanice on the background from my pc. "I Love Your Smile". And oh Yes. I feel a smile coming up. I'm awake and the day can begin.

    Feeling great and going to pick up my girlfriend. My day is bright. And again thanks to the music.
  • Geweldig met een nasmaakje

    Abr 30 2007, 18h02

    Sat 17 Mar – Shakira

    Geweldig concert. Voorprogramma is goed geregeld. Flink gedanst.

    Alleen was het jammer genoeg wel erg kort. Had zeker wel een toegift verwacht.

    Maar al met al toch een 7.7
  • Nr. 20.000

    Out 13 2006, 9h16

    Yes yes yes.

    Today was the day. Track nr. 20.000 on my

    The date : 26 Juli 2006
    The time : 10.57
    The artist: John Legend
    The song : Must Be the Way

    Now up to the 30.000.