• The crystal ball says.....

    Mai 27 2006, 9h38

    How does the world see me?
    Khonnor-Daylight and Delight
    Wow, a more positive start than expected! So, it looks like i'm sunny and delightful from the world's popular consensus.

    Will I have a happy life?
    Lemon Jelly-It was...
    Hmm... does this mean my happiness is already used up? or maybe this is a retrospective look on my life after it has finished.

    What do people really think of me?
    Air-Surfing on a rocket
    I'm not quite sure what to make of this. Maybe a complex life metaphor could be drawn from it? Maybe i'm 'surfing on the rocket' of my SOUL. or not.

    Do people secretly lust after me?
    Sigur Ros-Untitled 7 (Daudalagio)
    Ahh, the death song. I'm guessing it's appearence in a crystal ball itunes shuffle can only be a bad thing! But it doesn't really answer this question.

    How can I make myself happy?
    Nine Inch Nails-Closer
    So, the crystal ball wants me to be 'closer to god.' No i'm not gonna be a priest let alone go to church- looks like i'll be unhappy all my life then.

    What should I do with my life?
    The Future Sound of London-Among myselves
    So the crystal ball wants me to be alone and religious- looks like im destined to be a hermit priest.

    Will I ever have children?
    The Cure-love cats
    I'm taking this as a yes...

    What is some good advice for me?
    Aphex Twin-To Cure a Weakling Child
    So it looks like im going to be a humanitarian hermit priest. Either that or the messiah.

    What do I think my current theme song is?
    Animals on Wheels-Build a church with your fear
    Wow, this 'next messiah' business just keeps cropping up. Though I can't recall this song's tune so it can hardly be my theme song...

    What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
    Regurgitator-My Friend Robot
    Haha, I'm everybody's robot pal.

    What song will play at my funeral?
    Underworld-Little Speaker
    Doubt it. Unless my funeral will be a rave.

    What type of women do you like?
    Four Tet-The Butterfly Effect
    Butterfly-like ones apparently.

    What is my day going to be like?
    Boards of Canada-Over the Horizon Radar
    Sounds like fun

    Why am I here?
    Outkast-Ms Jackson
    Yeah, this song definately solves man's problems about life, the universe and everything

    What will people remember me for?
    The Prodigy-Breathe
    They'll remember me for breathing. What a let down.

    What song will I get stuck in my head tomorrow?
    R.E.M - everybody hurts
    I hope not, can't say i'm a huge fan of this song...

    Are there people outside waiting to take me away?
    Matmos-Semen Song for James Bidgood
    That's more than slightly disturbing

    What will this year be all about?
    The Future Sound of London-Herd Killing
    Apparently it's the international year of Herd Killing.