My Landmark Tracks


Fev 7 2009, 2h24

My Landmark Tracks:

Play #23819 was Run to the Hills by Adhesive on Sun Nov 25 2007

Play #23900 was Good To Go by 7SECONDS on Sun Nov 25 2007

Play #24000 was Cherry Blossoms by Ken Yokoyama on Mon Nov 26 2007

Play #25000 was Your Problem My Emergency by MxPx on 3 Dic 2007

Play #26000 was Sunshiny Day by Satanic Surfers on 13 Dic 2007

Play #27000 was Fight for Your Right by Alice D. on 23 Dic 2007

Play #28000 was Numero 2 En Tu Lista by Smitten on 1 Ene 2008

Play #29000 was Oil business and war by Flippin' Beans on 8 Ene 2008

Play #30000 was Unfurnished by Lagwagon on 17 Ene 2008

Play #31000 was My Wall by Ten Foot Pole on 26 Ene 2008

Play #32000 was She by Pulley on Tue Feb 05 2008

Play #33000 was Hold On by Pulley on Sat Feb 16 2008

Play #34000 was ojala te ahogues con esa luneta by Soldaditos de Plomo on Sun Feb 24 2008

Play #35000 was Do What You Want by Bad Religion on Wed Mar 05 2008

Play #36000 was It's the Fear by Within Temptation on Wed Mar 12 2008

Play #37000 was Punk enough by Flippin' Beans on Wed Mar 19 2008

Play #38000 was Voices by Not Available on Wed Mar 26 2008

Play #39000 was Gnarly Charlie by Ten Foot Pole on 1 Abr 2008

Play #40000 was I come from a land down under by Pennywise on 9 Abr 2008

Play #41000 was Does My Breath Smell? by blink-182 on 17 Abr 2008

Play #42000 was Distress by Belvedere on 24 Abr 2008

Play #43000 was Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World by Ramones on Thu May 01 2008

Play #44000 was Neverending Fall by Low Value on Wed May 07 2008

Play #45000 was Moosh by Bigwig on Wed May 14 2008

Play #46000 was Lazywoerm by Venerea on Wed May 21 2008

Play #47000 was IT'S OVER by TNX on Tue May 27 2008

Play #48000 was Bullion by Millencolin on Tue Jun 03 2008

Play #49000 was I'll Make You Love Me by The Vandals on Sun Jun 08 2008

Play #50000 was Dear John Exam by Captain Everything! on Sun Jun 15 2008

Play #51000 was Bring Out Your Dead by Strung Out on Tue Jun 24 2008

Play #52000 was Sober by Skumdum on Tue Jul 01 2008

Play #53000 was Roy by Eterna Inocencia on Mon Jul 07 2008

Play #54000 was Compatible by Skumdum on Sat Jul 12 2008

Play #55000 was A Public Dis-Service Announcement From Shell by Propagandhi on Sun Jul 20 2008

Play #56000 was Don't Tell Us What We Should Do With Our Bodies, You Filthy Bastards by Satanic Surfers on Mon Jul 28 2008

Play #57000 was Run to the Hills by Adhesive on 3 Ago 2008 (otra vez con la que empezó todo :O)

Play #58000 was Sleep by Lagwagon on 9 Ago 2008

Play #59000 was B Side by Lagwagon on 16 Ago 2008

Play #60000 was Nazi Punks Fuck Off by H2O on 21 Ago 2008

Play #61000 was Best Of Me by Bigwig on 26 Ago 2008

Play #62000 was Follow the Three Way by H2O on 31 Ago 2008

Play #63000 was The Harder They Fall by Pridebowl on Fri Sep 05 2008

Play #64000 was structured ways by Pridebowl on Thu Sep 11 2008

Play #65000 was Commercial Radio by 3 Feet Smaller on Fri Sep 19 2008

Play #66000 was I HATE YOU by TNX on Fri Sep 26 2008

Play #67000 was Cuento de Hadas by Vainilla on Wed Oct 01 2008 (WTF)

Play #68000 was Violence, Coercion, Surveillance by The Indecision Alarm on Wed Oct 08 2008

Play #69000 was eruptions of violence by Enemy Alliance on Mon Oct 13 2008

Play #70000 was Enigma by Sun Eats Hours on Sun Oct 19 2008

Play #71000 was Enigma by Sun Eats Hours on Wed Oct 29 2008 Mil canciones despues, diez dias despues… y yo escuchando la misma cancion xD

Play #72000 was Tomorrow When I Wake Up There by Golliwog on Tue Nov 04 2008

Play #73000 was A Relative Matter by High Five Drive on Thu Nov 13 2008

Play #74000 was Hopeless case by Skumdum on Fri Nov 21 2008

Play #75000 was Wind-up by No Fun At All on Thu Nov 27 2008

Play #76000 was A Relative Matter by High Five Drive on 6 Dic 2008

Play #77000 was Rifle by Lagwagon on 13 Dic 2008

Play #78000 was Bad Samaritans by Jet Market on 20 Dic 2008

Play #79000 was Bubble Burst by Hero of Our Time on 27 Dic 2008

Play #80000 was Think Of Tomorrow by Ten Foot Pole on 3 Ene 15:26

Play #81000 was The Party's Next Door by Captain Everything! on 9 Ene 12:35

Play #82000 was With Or Without Your Consent by Jet Market on 15 Ene 20:23

Play #83000 was Enthused by blink-182 on 23 Ene 14:29

Play #84000 was 10 Seg by Druk on 31 Ene 10:23

Play #85000 was Devil Me by Millencolin on 8 Feb 15:12

Play #86000 was Basket Case by Nicotine on 18 Feb 11:48

Play #87000 was your song by TOO CLOSE TO SEE on 25 Feb 18:26

Play #88000 was Difference by Belvedere on 4 Mar 15:00

Play #89000 was Fixed face by M-Sixteen on 10 Mar 17:58

Play #90000 was Hace Un Año by Kluster on 18 Mar 21:31

Play #91000 was Why can I hug you only in Xmas (Spanish) by Big Spin on 26 Mar 14:12

Play #92000 was Never Relent by Despondent on 1 Abr 22:16

Play #93000 was Precious Song by TNX on 8 Abr 18:13

Play #94000 was Wirito by 6 Voltios on 14 Abr 19:49

Play #95000 was E Dagger by Lagwagon on 20 Abr 15:04

Play #96000 was With Friends Like These, Who The Fuck Needs Cointelpro? by Propagandhi on 25 Abr 18:51

Play #97000 was Ordinary People Do Fucked-Up Things When Fucked-Up Things Become Ordinary by Propagandhi on 1 May 10:01

Play #98000 was Hope (live) by blink-182 on 6 May 21:19

Play #99000 was Hope (live) by blink-182 on 13 May 13:25

Play #99999 was Hope (live) by blink-182 on Hace 19 minutos (hoy 18 de mayo del 2009, 9:24 de la noche) Muahahahaha un scrobblin tan "especial" como este tenia que ser solo de unos grandes como blink-182 (y sí, fue planeado que los anteriores landmark tracks fueran tambien de esta cancion xD)
Y como soy un fucking adicto a esto, una imagen del recuerdo =')

Play #100000 was My Heart Will Go On (feat. Katalina) by The Vandals on Hace 18 minutos (hoy 18 de mayo del 2009, 9:26 de la noche) Yeah modafocas!!!! todo un fucking logro el llegar a 100000 scrobblings, se lo debo a mi, a mi, y a mi, muahahaha, este escrobbling fue planeado para que fuera esta cancion que llevaba como mmmmm 2 años buscandola xD (cortesia de green man de foropunk)
Otra imagen para recordar =')

Play #100001 was Compostela Nation by Druk on Hace 14 minutos (hoy 18 de mayo del 2009, 9:30 de la noche) Otro scrobbling "especial" tenia que ser de mi banda concentida de este año xD
Y la ultima imagen del dia =D

Play #100000 was Compostela Nation by Druk on 2009-05-18T20:26:34Z

Play #101000 was Just Like Me by Strung Out on 2009-05-25T15:14:52Z

Play #102000 was Shredder by Mute on 2009-05-31T09:21:15Z

Play #103000 was War In The Shadows by Rentokill on 2009-06-07T10:08:24Z

Play #104000 was Nothing by Stoned on 2009-06-12T17:28:05Z

Play #105000 was El Valor De Lo Simple by area 12 on 2009-06-18T13:06:15Z

Play #106000 was Planet Xanax by Golliwog on 2009-06-24T17:29:59Z

Play #107000 was Project-Interruption by The Definitive Measure on 2009-06-30T09:20:45Z

Play #108000 was Hombre Nuevo by División Minúscula on 2009-07-06T22:49:44Z

Play #109000 was Plan B by The Definitive Measure on 2009-07-11T23:06:06Z

Play #110000 was Cliente Del Vagabundo by Hank Over on 2009-07-16T22:54:10Z

Play #111000 was Still Falling? by Much The Same on 2009-07-22T00:11:19Z

Play #111111 was It's Too Late by No Harm Done on 2009-07-22T13:15:21Z

Play #112000 was Bringin' It Backwards by Lifetime on 2009-07-25T19:23:27Z

Play #113000 was Young, Loud, And Scotty by Lifetime on 2009-07-31T10:43:38Z

Play #114000 was Cut The Tension by Lifetime on 2009-08-04T20:46:08Z

Play #115000 was Banned From Teen Arts by None More Black on 2009-08-10T07:43:46Z

Play #116000 was Bizzaro Me by None More Black on 2009-08-15T17:13:14Z

Play #117000 was Five a.m. by Sun Eats Hours on 2009-08-21T20:33:15Z

Play #118000 was La Mangiauomini by Sun Eats Hours on 2009-08-27T16:33:49Z

Play #119000 was Banned From Teen Arts by None More Black on 2009-08-31T14:37:00Z

Play #120000 was Kabuki Girl by Descendents on 2009-09-06T09:49:01Z

Play #121000 was I Climbed for Miles by HeartSounds on 2009-09-13T14:32:20Z

Play #122000 was Slave to a Heart That Strays by HeartSounds on 2009-09-19T17:09:47Z

Play #123000 was Heartache by Axpi on 2009-09-25T18:03:28Z

Play #124000 was Para Ti by Nuevenoventaicinco on 2009-10-03T01:17:45Z

Play #125000 was El Dolor by Nuevenoventaicinco on 2009-10-13T20:21:30Z

Play #126000 was 7 by Rocket Power on 2009-10-19T23:34:04Z

Play #127000 was Shadows of Defeat by Good Riddance on 2009-10-24T00:25:10Z

Play #128000 was Head Under Water by Satanic Surfers on 2009-10-30T08:35:05Z

Play #129000 was Expectations by Belle and Sebastian on 2009-11-05T18:48:29Z

Play #130000 was Esto es nuestro by We Step Out on 2009-11-12T19:50:08Z

Play #131000 was Fish Eye Lens by No Trigger on 2009-11-18T06:48:33Z

Play #132000 was Mr. Asshole by Bigwig on 2009-11-24T18:52:50Z

Play #133000 was Perinos by ActionMen on 2009-12-02T19:42:12Z

Play #134000 was Cross And Burn by Bigwig on 2009-12-11T14:28:17Z

Play #135000 was London Bridge by Zebrahead on 2009-12-19T10:43:35Z

Play #136000 was Wrecked Him by blink-182 on 2009-12-24T10:23:05Z

Play #137000 was Hey Catrine by Lifetime on 2009-12-30T22:43:55Z

Play #138000 was Bleeder by Alkaline Trio on 2010-01-08T15:53:14Z

Play #139000 was Rise by Satanic Surfers on 2010-01-15T23:44:03Z

Play #140000 was Goodbye by Yellowcard on 2010-01-22T23:39:47Z

Play #141000 was Flavor Ice by Bigwig on 2010-01-30T10:09:12Z

Play #142000 was Asi De Simple by Druk on 2010-02-07T17:31:56Z

Play #143000 was Flavor Ice by Bigwig on 2010-02-16T15:42:26Z

Play #144000 was Cowapunka! by Druk on 2010-02-23T06:46:57Z

Play #145000 was Integrated Cerebral Circuit by Golliwog on 2010-03-02T17:00:43Z