My Love of Music


Ago 16 2009, 22h35

Sigh...I have a 10 page research paper due in 2 weeks though it might be more than 10 pages, I seek consolation with music right now. I admit I love pressure hence I always procrastinate, that is the only way to get great work from me. Seeking another way though to get the inspiration, by listening to music. So far it is helping a little. I have a vast library of music from various artist, and everyday I listen to a new few of the artists in my library, I hope to add some new artists and some old ones that I have not heard of before. At times I get distracted and go to youtube hence finding this video:

Finding a song that speaks to me really deep is hard to find, but I have a few in my favorites. Everyday I find others that really makes me feel mellow. I love music...


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