Still chugging through october as Free Music Month


Out 17 2009, 21h46

Here's a snapshot of my top 8 artists right now:

After only 2½ weeks into "Bean's Free Music Month," I have already supplanted half of my commercial top artists. These are the artists I miss. Those 4 right there: Vast, Neverending White Lights,dredg (probably most of all) and The Crystal Method. There are others, like Matthew Good (new album and all. I miss his voice.), Disturbed, Godsmack.

Tell you what, though. When the month is over, I'm going to be real selective about the music I listen to because I've found that if you're willing to keep looking, you'll find something that suits your tastes. Freedom of choice will allow you to keep seeking out new music and allowing you the luxury to discard that which doesn't suit your tastes without risk.

I really miss Neverending White Lights, but Chronique and Tryad can fill that void.

The Crystal Method is handled quite handily by Professor Kliq. Kliq's recent albums (re-releases) Community Service and Community Service II are remarkable. Not disappointed at all, just hope that Ode to Charles and The Dirtiest can be released again.

Chill Carrier is apart from the rest. Ambient mood electronica that resonates in my spine. Matti Paalanen's Warehouse of Distant Dreams is a great complement to that.

A couple of rock acts that have stood out for me: Tenpenny Joke and Chronique. Both play a melodic rock; Chronique bent more toward the gothic fantasy edge, while TenPenny Joke plays Australian Rock in the vein of Silverchair with the energy of The Hoodoo Gurus.

The only disappointment this month so far has been's lack of seeds for their OGG torrents. The site offers no method of downloading in an open format, but does give one the opportunity to select a P2P (bandwidth-saving) option for obtaining said format. With the exception of a few top (10, 100, 250?) artists, there will be no one (0, zero) seeding the albums. Why? MP3 format is available as a direct download. Would offering direct download (or seeds for the torrents) of OGG format albums be THAT difficult?

Off topic a bit, but I'm senile and I carry a spoon.
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