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I’m The Girl, The Flightless Bird, The American Mouth Out Of Control On An Island In The Sun Where Your Heart Is An Empty Room And My Skinny Love Will Tear You Apart. Isn’t She Lovely? When You Wash Away On Your Fljótavík in the Transatlaticism, I’m Blessed To Be A Witness Of The Superstar And His Resurrection Fern That Grows From Such Great Heights. Do You Remember The Story Of The Way I Am? You Know I'm No Good! Round Here You And I Are Better Together. If Only The Swans And The Swimming Could Get Me Away from Here, I'm Dying Because You Still Hurt Me.
You Think Lying Is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off, But No It Isn't. Slow Down Because It’s Worth The Wait. Here (In Your Arms) It's Gettin' Easy And What I Got Is The Mixed Tape And Your Sweet Talk Of Broken Promises For Broken Hearts. We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands So Find Me To Forgive. Somewhere, Where Nobody Knows The End's Not Near, A Clock Is Ticking Jesus. Don’t Speak And Color Me Once. Post Blue, Blue Light, Starlight, But Your Lazy Eye Is Colorblind.
This Modern Love Will Keep Me From Walking Away. You Never Think, You Swing Life Away, But I Will Follow You Into the Dark. Long Nights, I'll Be Your Lover Too. When Soul Meets Body Build God, Then We'll Talk For God Only Knows That Time Is Running Out And The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage. When the Sun Goes Down You Pretend the World Has Ended. Is There A Ghost Or A Creature Fear On The Widows Peak? It’s Santeria! The Sound Of Her Laughter Causes Me To Breakdown With Sleeping Sickness. Why You'd Want To Live Here? This House Is a Circus, It’s Delicate!
Let My Love Open The Door, Because These Things Get Stranger By The Day Yet Are The Same In The End. What I'm Looking For Is Real Love, But Even Now You Leave Me By Myself. What Makes A Man Who Is Going For The Gold Do Right? Fidelity? Why Bother? What's The Word, Homewrecker? It's Not You It's Me? Try Honesty And Now Drop Your Bombshell: No One's Gonna Love You As Much As I Ever Could! And In The End The Hardest Button to Button Is Our Heartbeats.
Baby, Come On, Better Days Will Come. We’ll Have Banana Pancakes On Styrofoam Plates And Watch The Marching Bands Of Manhattan Go The Wrong Way, I‘ll Dress Up In You And Give You Toothpaste Kisses. I’m Dancing With Myself. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor Out On The Weekend, When You Dance, Dance, Alive With The Glory Of Love. Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades. Suddenly Everything Happens: A Lack of Color, A Helicopter And A Simple Twist Of Fate. Oh, It Is Love And Time To Forgive The Winter. Everything Has Changed. I Tell Myself I'm Yours Today, The First Day Of My Life.
You've Got Hopes But It's Better If You Do, This Is Your Life And Nobody Does It Better. Be Gentle With Me Inside Of Love. Slow Motion Passion Play. Calm Like You I Send the Pain Below Slowly.
Somebody Told Me Caring Is Creepy, She Will Always Be A Broken Girl, Naive. Meds! The Drugs Don't Work. When She Believes In Lies Written In Blood. You've No Clue Do You? Steady As She Goes, Tired Of Sex And I Don't Want To Fall In Love, She Said. Oh Oh Oh, I Said Yeah Yeah Yeah. Sorry About That, Paint It Black. Your English Is Good Under Pressure But That‘s The Age Of The Understatement, Crazy Bitch. Every Thug Needs A Lady, Timshel. You’re An Easy Girl Falling Slowly Into Bad Diary Days, Slow Decay, Date Rape And Evil Re-Offender Prison Sex. Open Your Eyes Don't Fear The Reaper And The Fake Voices of Violence. It's Not True! Keep Breathing Suicide Medicine. So Long, So Long, Exit Music For A Film. C'mon C'mon, The Toxicity And The Aftertaste Mercy Me. The Cure For You And All These Things That I've Done When You Were Young Is To Suture Up Your Future. It's Just Begun, You Won't Know I'm A Fake And I Will Possess Your Heart Like Knives Bleeding Heart Disease. Thanks For The Memories, But Time Won't Let Me Go. Life And Love And Why I Miss You Will Be The Death of Me.
Dammit, Again I Go Unnoticed. Hell No, You‘re Standing Next To Me After The Storm! But You’re Never There. Always Love! Just Not Each Other! Isn't Love Anyone Else But You? Move Away! Anyone Anyone? Don't Forget Me, I Remember You. Here I Am, Here We Stand In The Cave. Can't Get It Right Today. Famous Last Words: Bitch, We Got a Problem, My Own Worst Enemy. What If You Don't Let Go? Forgive Me, My Life Changed On A Summer Day. I’m Drawn To The Fire. I’m Sober And On Call There's None Of That Conversation, No Envy, No Fear. Close Your Eyes. Am I Missing? Let Myself Fall In The Colors, Dark Blue Fade To Black, All Black. Buried Myself Alive, Burn The Body In A Box, But I Just Wanna Live Merry Happy Naked As We Came. On The Radio, The Stolen Radio, I Hear What Sarah Said.
I Love The Rain The Most On A West Coast Beach Baby. What I Want After Afterall Is Love And Luxury And Positive Tension. And I Survived. Baby, It's Fact I’m Fine Without You, But I’m Stuck To You. Hands Down, We Are Grey Matter. You’re So Nice, So Smart And You're the One That I Want So Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt. Old Pine, Go To Hell. Nature Boy, Get Me Golden. Zou Bisou Bisou, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Tonight You Belong To Me, Little Lion Man.
All The Rowboats Feel The Tide From This Oil Can Like A Stone Or A Requiem On Water A Reverence For Fallen Trees. I Gave You All So Sigh No More, Rosyln. Roll Away Your Stone, Private Eye, My Baby Just Cares For Me! Everybody Hurts In The Funnel Of Love Where We Are All A White Blank Page. We Are Nowhere And It’s Now In Hinnom, TX Or Perth Or Oxford Comma Minnesota, WI International You Day. Name Dropping? Home!
Look At Me Now, Face Down. Hero? Killing In The Name Of An Uprising. We Are Young You’re Gonna Go Far Kid With Or Without You And That Bullet In The Head. Bombs Away.
Violins, Video Games And Vasoline, Rumor Has It Tears Dry On Their Own So Carry On My Wayward Son, Tom Sawyer. I Don’t Care As Long As You Sing, Holocene, The A Team, The Enemy, Knock 'em Out. The Ghosts That We Knew Are Getting Away With Murder And Help Me Going Through The Motions, Only The Good Die Young! Justified Black Eye. Black Flies? Black Eyes! The Dog Days Are Over I Alone Drive On A Tuesday. My Town? Far Behind! If Only! We Are The People Walking On A Dream To Follow The Cops Back Home. Where Do We Go From Here? Selling The Drama Happy Together? Parklife? Zombie? What’s My Age Again? Dyslexic Heart, Don’t Stop Believin’ And Keep Holding On. Hunger Strike? Fuck You, Aurora, Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want. Money (That’s What I Want). Favorite Things, You Never Can Tell! Golfshirt Superman, Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)!
My Pocket Full Of Sunshine Is Bleeding Love. All My Loving Straight From The Jacket. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Your Hips Don’t Lie And I Like The Way You Move. Raise Your Glass, I Don’t Feel Like Dancing! You’re Pretty When I’m Drunk! Call Me Maybe? Clap Your Hands For The First Date. Say It Ain’t So, Teenage Dirtbag! Better Man, I’m Feeling This. I Would Walk 500 Miles, I Would Do Anything For Love. You’ve Got A Friend-I’ve Got A Theory, I’ll Never Tell! Only Love!
Little Numbers? Little Talks Defeat You, Tonight. You Sure Look Swell! I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl! Someone Like You, Silent Lucidity. I’m Sexy And I Know It, I Set Fire To The Rain! I Want To Be Your Everything, But If You Leave Me Now I’ll Be OK. Fatal Flu, Pepper. Sick, Sleep. No Air, Breathe. Popular, Alien 8. Michicant, That’s What I Want. Laymen’s Terms And A Hotel Song. Towers Awake My Soul, Lightning Crashes! Heartless Bad Moon Rising And Leaving On A Jetplane Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Let Myself Fall Into The Mystic Of The Lump Sum Of Peace, Quiet And Monsters. Hold On To What You Believe And Enjoy Your Day We Might Be Dead Tomorrow. Love Love Kiss Kiss. Bye For Now...♥...!


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