• In the car 617-6/23 - DISCLAIMER

    Jul 3 2007, 21h22

    Hi one or two people who may actually read this. I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten to keep this up to date lately. I did listen to an album in the car this week. I had the review written and was ready to post it when I said to myself, "Hey now, this album doesn't actually come out until August. How will that go over?"

    So yeah... the album I listened to this week is a very, very early advance copy of a record that doesn't come out for a few weeks. So instead of reviewing it (and potentially incriminating myself?) I'll just hold off and post that review when the time comes. Sorry!

    Since 6/23, I really haven't had a record in the car. I had PRK (eye surgery) last week and I haven't been driving much. I should be back into the swing of things when work picks up next week.
  • In the car 6/9-6/16 - The White Stripes, Icky Thump

    Jun 22 2007, 4h05

    Last week's album of the week was none other than The White Stripes latest masterpiece, Icky Thump. If you're not detecting any sarcasm in my previous statement, it's because there was none. After listening to this CD countless times, I can already conclude that Icky Thump will rank up as one of my top five albums of the year.

    From my perspective, this is everything I could hope for in a summer rock album and more. Jack White is a brilliant musician and songwriter and he showcases his talents on this record by moving effortlessly from genre to genre, influence to influence and so forth. Each time I listened through the album, I found another reason to like it. That doesn't happen often, so I like to cherish the albums with which it does.

    Had I only heard this album a few times, I would be able to list a few highlights for you: Conquest, Little Cream Soda, Rag & Bone. But if you listen to this record enough, you'll realize that EVERY track is a standout track! Oh, if only I enjoyed every mandatory listening assignment as much as this one!
  • In the car 6/1-6/8 - Beastie Boys, The Mix Up

    Jun 13 2007, 20h34

    Last week's mandatory car music was The Beastie Boys' latest, The Mix Up. I've always been a fan of the Beastie Boys (who hasn't?) and I definitely enjoyed their previous instrumental outing, 1996's In Sound From The Way Out. I found myself really enjoying this album the first few times through. For the most part, it's great driving music - rhythmic and interesting without demanding too much attention.

    As the week wore on, I found myself less and less excited about getting into the car. The tracks just started to get too old, too quickly. By the end of the week, I'd turn the stereo off and ride in silence than continue listening to the same processed beats over and over. But I guess that's one of the downsides to making yourself listen to the same album for a week straight.

    The bottom line is this: the album is good, but it doesn't warrant a lot of repeat listens. The Boys are talking about going back and adding guest vocals to a lot of the tracks - that could be cool, but as a whole, I'm already ready to put this release behind me.