Out 13 2009, 7h14

First journal entry! so are you s'posed to write about music, or anything I please? Hmm...No one's going to read it anyway x] HAA. So its's past midnight;going back to school tomorrow after a 2 week break. I need a massage. Why? I dont knouu. I was watching a documentary on Joy Division on zee youtube right now. I couldn't pay much attention to it, but myy do I love their music. I sweaar I was meant to see these bands live. grrr. But Imma need to suck it up, coz I don't even believe in the possibility of a time machine. Mmmmhm. Damn I didn't finish my AP Art History homework. How pathetic of me. I should get to that right now. Or maybe I'll just watch the last episode of season 4 of the L Word [online.] In one of the episodes I watched last night, Goldfrapp was in it, and they were performing at the Planet. The song they did-I totally fell in love with it within the first seconds of it. It's called "Ride a White Horse" ..good stuffRide a White Horse


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